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33 Hibiscus Flower Tattoos With Unique and Colorful Meanings

Looking for a tattoo design that will allow you to create a design completely unique from others, you might want to consider the hibiscus flower tattoos. These incredibly colorful flowers are native to the Pacific and come in a wide array of beautiful colors.

The colors of the hibiscus flower mean different things, so, in addition to the flower having its own symbolism, you can further alter the meaning of your own tat by making use of colors that align with your own personality.

Consider the following information to help you align your own inner spirit with that of the hibiscus flower:

The History of the Hibiscus Flower

Native to the Pacific islands, the hibiscus flower is usually worn by women, so it stands to reason the majority of these tattoo design are inked on the ladies. The size and color of the hibiscus flower can be varied, so it makes a great choice just about anywhere on the body.

Different cultures in the Pacific regard the hibiscus flower differently, so be sure to understand the underlying meanings before getting inked. For Korea, the hibiscus flower represents immortality.

In Malaysia, they regard this flower as a representation of life, honor, and courage. The Chinese see the hibiscus as symbolic for wealth, gentleness, fame, and virginity, depending on the color flower.

The Meanings of the Hibiscus Flower Tattoos

While the color of the hibiscus flower does alter the meanings, at the core, the flower itself does represent a number of powerful associations. Women especially love the idea of getting inked with the hibiscus flower because it can be a direct reflection of their own personalities.

The flower is symbolic of elegance, delicate beauty, fragility, and everything exotic. This Pacific flower is also representative of being polite, gentle, and charming.

While these might seem like enough meanings, the list goes on as this flower can also be associated with wealth, royalty, fame, hospitality, and love.

The Different Colors of the Flower

Now that you know about the core meanings of the flower, it is time to dig even deeper and uncover what each color of the hibiscus flower symbolizes. It is not uncommon for body ink lovers to get more than one tattoo, or to have a wide assortment drawn on their body.

The color red when it pertains to the hibiscus flower represents desire, passion, and love. Those who want to get a tattoo with their best friend would be best to choose the yellow hibiscus.

A person who wants the world to know about their wealth or connection to royalty would go with a purple flower. The blue hibiscus symbolizes serenity and fertility, while the pink flower is a symbol of a rare beauty. Finally, the white hibiscus is a sign of enlightenment, perfect for the person who has seen the light.

The hibiscus flower tattoos afford the wearer the opportunity to cover as many or as few of these meanings as they like. Some who want to change their ways and aspire to greatness can get inked with a color and use it as motivation to become a better person.

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