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34 Colorful Tulip Tattoos and Their Creative Meanings

Of all the flower designs you could choose for a tat, the tulip tattoos are some of the most colorful and creative you will find due in part to their varied meanings. While the flower is typically something that appeals to the female ink lovers, many guys have found amazing ways to use this flower as the focal point of their design and still have it come off looking spectacular for them.

If you are considering getting a tattoo with a flower, you may want to consider all the positive attributes of the tulip and why it has fast become one of the more popular tattoo designs in recent years.

Chasing the Sun

Just like the mighty sunflower, the tulip is a flower that is a voracious sun seeker. If you were to video the flower from morning to night, you will see how it moves its head to face the sun throughout the day.

The tulip is always in search of the best possible angle to attract light, and this is something many sun worshipers can appreciate.

Those who are all about the outdoors and being in the tropics where the warm weather and abundant sunshine reign supreme, the tulip tattoos for them is a representation of the love of nature, the attraction to the warmth of the sun, and the love of the light and all the life-giving power it possesses.

The Meaning of the Tulip Tattoo

For some people, the tulip tattoos are just a portrayal of beauty. For others, the tulip is symbolic of a whole variety of meanings.

These people like everything about the tulip because it symbolizes for them the opportunity, advancement, aspiration, and adjustment. These folks are not rigid, they do not break when bent over, they are some of the most flexible personalities on the planet.

If life throws them a curve ball, they get back up and they swing again and again. Their persistence is almost an art form, as they always have their eye on the goal and they will continue to make small adjustments each day until they reach that goal.

The Variations in the Tulip Tattoos

Now like we said earlier, for some guys, they utilize the tulip tattoos in very creative ways. Some choose to use this as an opportunity to create a memorial or remembrance to their mother or loved one that had an affinity towards this flower.

Others place inspirational quotes under the tulip to help inspire them each day to get up and be the best they can be. Then you have the people who associate the tulip with spiritual divinity, and because the tulip returns every year from the bulb, it is symbolic of a resurrection, rebirth, or cleansing.

Whether you choose the tulip tattoos because you love the flower, want to remember a loved one, or connect with its symbolic representation of resurrection and determination, the design works best with your beliefs.

These colorful flowers look amazing on the shoulder or wrist, the back of the neck or behind the ear, or just below the clothing line on the back or legs.

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