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35 Family Crest Tattoos With Pride

There perhaps is no other tattoo design more personal than the family crest. This is one tattoo design that will never fall out of fashion over time, in fact, the bond with family only gets stronger as time passes and the family grows.

Looking for a unique tattoo design that shows off your pride in your family roots and your love for every relative both here today and departed? The family crest tattoos might be perfect for you because it shows off your pride in your family and your connection with tradition too.

The Uniqueness of the Family Crest

Some people prefer to only have the family crest drawn as the symbol which has been handed own over the years. Others like to have their last name predominately placed in the design for the world to see.

These tattoos are a representation of a deep admiration for the family, but those feelings go deep just like the roots of a giant oak. One of the reasons for the attraction to the family crest tattoos is they can be quite elaborate when drawn.

The designs have many intricate shapes and designs, then colored in a way that the shield bursts from the skin. Whether your family tree stretches around the world or you have only a few relatives in town, this is a way to keep the name alive for the world to see.

The Placement of the Family Crest

For those who have a deep admiration for family, this is one of those tattoo designs you can place just about anywhere on the body for the world to see. The larger the tattoo in fact, the better.

Some prefer to get the huge shield drawn on the chest or back, complete with last name, shapes, and adornments to complete the design. Others place the crest right out of sight, like above the sleeve, the thigh, or lower back.

For those who have to keep things a little more close to the vest but still want to show off family pride, smaller and less detailed versions of the family crest tattoos look amazing on the ankle, wrist, or even behind the ear.

The Meanings of the Family Crest

While anyone looking at your family crest tattoo will know it is a representation of your family heritage, there are other meanings associated with the shield that has a deeper connection with the wearer. The family crest tattoos represent history, heritage, love, connection, and growth.

Some prefer this design to remind them of loved ones who have passed or others who have moved away to distant lands and have caused the family unit to be stretched thin. Others who have a deep and rich family history turn to this tattoo to remind them of all that culture, history, and tradition that has stretched the centuries and the lands.

There you have it, all the reasons why you should consider getting your own family crest tattoo. This is certainly one design that will connect you with your family and heritage into your later years and be the subject of conversation for years.

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