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54 Castle Tattoos With Historical and Powerful Meanings

The castle tattoos are easy to recognize because they are some of the most elaborate designs you will find being used for body art. While this particular tattoo design can be placed just about anywhere on the body, due to the size and the intricate details, it is best showcased on the chest, back, thigh, or shoulders.

This is not considered a mainstream tattoo design, and for that, the meanings associated with castle tattoos are some of the most powerful.

Before you decide to get inked with a detailed and sizable castle design, consider a few of the following in your decision:

The Many Castle Elements

One of the reasons the castle tattoos are so popular these days is because body ink lovers have the ability to transform the surroundings of their castle-like they would if they were building a real one. While the castle can be representative of the home, it is the elements used with the castle that can alter or enhance the meaning within.

A lowered drawbridge into the castle represents a person who is welcoming, who invites others deep into their inner circle, who encourages others to look within this person.

The dark forest or moat surrounding the castle warns others to stay away, they are not welcome, they are going to have a tough time getting inside to see the real person that lives here.

The Castle Throughout History

The castle was the protector of not only one family, it could house a whole village in England. The castles were not like homes today build anywhere a plot of land was available.

The spot chosen for the castle took considerable time because, at the core, it needed to be strategically placed where people inside could see what was happening outside the walls, while at the same time it was extremely difficult to get to the castle if you were an outsider or enemy.

The castles were built on cliffs, on mountain tops, and even surrounded by deep moats. At their core, they were built for protection, safety, and battle. Some designs have battle scenes taking place in or around the castle walls to show an inner struggle that still rages on.

The Variety of Tattoo Meanings

The castle tattoos today have a variety of appealing meanings for the wearer. Regardless the size or shape of the castle, it represents power, strength, and protection.

This person may be keeping their heart protected from relationships in the past, making it harder for anyone to get inside in the future. These tattoos also can be symbolic of royalty, wealth, heritage, and a connection to England.

Castles drawn to look like Cinderella’s castle are representative of love, magic, courage, and joy. These tattoos can represent for some that they are protecting their feelings, their heart, and keeping on guard in the future as to not have to endure the pain of a bad relationship or addiction ever again.

Now you should have a better understanding of the history, elements, and meanings associated with the castle tattoos. These are loud and powerful designs for that person who has no trouble telling the world how they feel.

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