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20 Fun and Spirited “Live Laugh Love” Tattoos

A worthy way to live!

For many people, the words “live laugh love” have a very deep and emotional connection to their lives. These are more than just three words strung together that motivate and keep people in good spirits, they are a way of life for some who have chosen to travel the road least traveled and pave their own happiness as a result.

If you are considering getting your own live laugh love tattoo, here is everything you will need to know about this uplifting and fun-spirited grouping of words.

The Secret to Happiness

Some people believe that they have discovered the path to happiness in their lives and those around them. By giving love, finding time to laugh, they transform a life. These folks walk up each day and do not let the little things get them down, they are not affected by outside forces that are set to disrupt the day, they live by a credo in which they will live laugh love through the day.

Getting the live laugh love tattoos is not something utilized for those on the outside, it is a reminder of how to feel regardless how challenging the world may be today. For these folks, they believe they control their happiness by the way they feel, and they have the ability to change the world.

Daily Motivation

For those who are tired of floating down the river of life and letting the rough waters control how they feel, these folks have grabbed a paddle and are traveling to where they want regardless the outside forces.

Getting the live laugh love tattoos works as reinforcement for them, they see these words and they know that they have what it takes to rise above anything. They live believing that even if today feels like they are stuck in a valley, tomorrow a path could appear and these mountains of trouble will quickly be in the rear view mirror of life.

They don’t need daily affirmations or motivational tapes, one look at the live laugh love tattoos and the ship is right again.

A Major Transformation

There is an uprising happening right now and you may not even be aware of it. Too many people have gotten tired of the negative news and biased television shows telling them how they should feel each day.

People are talking back control of their minds by focusing on the good in the world instead of the negative. Life is like a camera for these people, and they no longer focus on all the negativity in the world, instead, they choose something positive, they zoom in on it, and they do not let anything distract them from their happiness.

No longer will the tattoo wearer of this little verse get caught up in all that drama, they have had enough and enjoy their freedom from the bonds of society.

The live laugh love tattoos on the wrist, hand, finger, arm, ankles, or, neck, act like a little nudge during the day, reminding this person they chose what to focus on, and when it is their life, laughter, and everything love, the world just seems like a much better place to be in today.

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