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49 Tinkerbell Tattoos With Fun and Playful Meanings

Tinkerbell is that cute blond fairy that helps Peter Pan to get into and out of mischief. Her playful personality and ability to make the best of any situation is one of the reasons she is so popular as a tattoo design.

Usually, something for the ladies, this little mischievous and playful nymph looks great just about anywhere on the body and really helps to showcase the personality of the wearer.

The Aura of Tinkerbell

This little feisty fairy can instantly bring any adult back to the days when they marveled at Peter Pan and his ability to simply never grow up.

Today, many people who still feel they are a child at heart utilize the Tinkerbell tattoos to remind themselves and others that they simply do not want to grow up.

They are happy acting like a child, being able to see the best in the world regardless how dark and scary it might really be out there.

More Than a Favorite with Kids

While Tinkerbell does have her kid’s fan base, it is those children who are now adults who connect with her characteristics and personality on a much deeper level.

For those adults who choose the Tinkerbell tattoos, it is a representation of their playful side, the ability to look and feel whimsy but project strength, and an inspiration for hardheaded ladies who are determined to make their own way in this world regardless what anyone says.

Tinkerbell has this sort of grace that appeals to the masses, partly the reason her popularity grows year after year.

The Tinkerbell Look

While everyone can instantly recognize little Tinkerbell by her trademark green dress and blond hair, it is her mischievous facial expressions that allow ink lovers to create unique designs with this beloved character.

When she is waving her wand and winking or giving you that little smirk, you get wondering what exactly is going on inside that little blond head of hers.

She can have her arms crossed as to say that she has had enough, she is growing impatient, or she is about to take on a challenge so great that no one would ever expect her to get results.

These attributes are appealing to many who fight these battles daily in their life.

Crossing the Line

Another reason the Tinkerbell tattoos are so appealing is you have the ability to walk that fine line or cross it with her tattooed on your body.

She can be waving her wand playfully and spelling out words like dream, or she can be floating with arms crossed and giving that stare that says she really is a special sort of diva. You can test your own design on tattoo practice skin.

That contrast between her softness and her toughness only reveal even more of her personality.

On one hand, you can go full spoiled brat mode with Tinkerbell causing havoc or have her spelling out inspiration phrases to help keep you on that path to success.

Either way that you decide to go here, with the Tinkerbell tattoos you can never go wrong acting like that little kid that never grew up.

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