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39 Biomech Tattoos and Their Deep Unique Meanings

Take a closer look at some of those tattoo designs this year, there are more of them representing mechanical parts that appear to be working just under the surface of the skin. In fact, the bio-mech tattoos are nothing more than the offspring of biomechanical art, which is basically a modern form of art.

With this style art, however, the human anatomy is depicted by way of body ink in the form of moving mechanical parts. Joints and bones within the body are being represented in the form of working machinery, such as gears, pistons, and switches.

The tattoo artist creatively draws the skin being pulled apart to reveal these moving parts, some of which have some very unique meanings.

The Power Within

Some people just have a drive that is unrivaled, they are the first to show up for a job and the last to go home. Not only are they passionate about what they do, they seem to have a drive that is impossible for mortals to compete with.

These are some of the prime candidates for the bio-mech tattoos because it is like Superman removing his shirt to show his true colors. With these tattoos, they are representative of an unbridled passion, a ferocious drive, and a willingness to commit to the task at hand until the job is done.

This could be symbolic of fighting an addiction, moving past a relationship, or showing the world they are more than the soft person on the outside.

The Strength in Numbers

Some who prefer the bio-mech tattoos like to show off their physical bodies because of all the hard work that has gone into developing their physique.

For those with huge muscles on their arms and legs, the bio-mech tattoos represent hard work, something that takes place below the surface that no one sees that results in that toned body.

The moving machine parts can also remind the wearer there is still work to be done, and that by working like a machine will get them to their eventual goal. Hard work, determination, persistence, and commitment, are all the positive attributes of these type tattoo designs.

Impossible to Wound

One of the appealing features of the bio-mech tattoos for many is that it represents something inside that can not be deterred or crushed by outside forces. This is especially true for those who have endured an abusive or troublesome relationship. To finally break free, move on like a machine holds great truth to their core beliefs.

Others see the moving mechanical parts as a way to tell the world that their opinions do not matter. People who have been picked on, bullied, and are usually the ones who march to their own beat, utilize the symbolism in this tattoo to show they are not affected by words, they are who they are.

Whether your intent is the show the world that you have a drive like a machine, that you are immune to personal attacks, or that you simply love the creativity of these bio-mech tattoos, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to location and perceptions.

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