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37 Honey Bee Tattoos With Mysterious Meanings

Most people associate being busy during their day to the honey bee, yet this amazing little creature is representative of so much more. From medicine to food, to religion, and human culture, the honey bee and humans interact more than you might even realize.

The unique associations with the honey bee make it a prime candidate for tattoo subject matter, and in recent years you are beginning to see more of these little bees show up all over the body.

Consider the following information about this little bee if you are looking for a tattoo design that will certainly stand out.

The Honey Bees and History

Dating back to the times of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, the bee holds a very prominent place in their history.

These people were praising the honey bee long before they erected some of the most impressive monuments the world has ever seen. The honey bee was considered to be the food of the Gods, and these people believed the bees were part of a sacred bridge between the spiritual world and earth.

Today we find many of the tombs of pharaohs decorated with various honey bees. The honey bees were symbolic of affection and love, as seen in the representation of the Hindu god of love, Kamadeva.

The Meanings of the Honey Bee Tattoos

The appeal of the honey bee today is just as powerful as it was all those centuries ago. The attraction to the bee is in the fact it is hard-working, extremely organized, and the giver of life.

Without honey bees, food sources would dwindle and the human population as we know it would decline rapidly. People getting inked with honey bee tattoos do so because it represents for them love, affection, creation, wisdom, and knowledge.

Many connect with the honey bee because it is symbolic of discipline, family, eloquence, prosperity, and nobility. These little bees can be inked in a swarm or as one large queen bee with the crown above her.

Honey Bee Design Variations

Whether you are getting inked with a cartoon bee or a larger than life sized picture, the meaning associated with the bees can be as various as the different types of designs available.

Tribal honey bee tattoos represent the important role this little creature has in our daily lives. The tribal honey bee tattoos represent man’s spiritual connection with flying free, working hard, and being that team player.

Drawing the bee large on the body can represent for some loyalty to others, an ability to work well with others, or a persistence to getting the job done regardless of any obstacles that may arise.

These little honey bees can fool you into believing they are cute and harmless, but do not let their size distract you from the fact they are some of the most fierce and hard-working creatures on the planet.

This is one reason many folks get the honey bee tattoos, to show the world that they are going to persist until the job is done, whether that means surviving an addiction, getting through the loss of a loved one, or reaching goals one sets for oneself that may seem on the surface insurmountable today.

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