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The Colorful Koi Fish Tattoo and Meanings

Those who choose the koi fish for their skin ink understand the deep and extreme meanings of this colorful and magical fish.

With a very long history in Japanese (list of popular Japanese tattoo designs) and Chinese culture, this common carp was later domesticated so that it could produce a variety of colors.

The popularity of the koi fish exploded in Japan because of the legend how this colorful fish can become a dragon.

Koi Fish Tattoo Gallery

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The Growing Popularity of the Koi Fish

One reason the koi fish tattoos are so popular today has to do in part to the incredible colorful nature of this fish, but also the mystique behind its hidden powers, just like jellyfish and their tattoo meaning.

According to legend, a large school of koi fish were swimming upstream when they approached a waterfall.

The weak fell turned back and went with the current, while the strong tried to climb to the top.

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For 100 years this continued until one koi fish made it all the way and was rewarded by the gods by being turned into a golden dragon.

Today, people associate the legend and this tattoo design with strength, perseverance, desire, bravery, and an unwillingness to conform.

The Variety in Koi Fish Designs

Although the legend is quite clear about the power of the koi fish, others believe that when the koi fish is caught, it awaits its fate of the knife like a Samurai awaits the blade in battle.

This courage and strength is very appealing to anyone looking to showcase a colorful yet powerful tattoo design.

The koi fish tattoos can be depicted going upstream, representing a struggle, battle, or the ability to battle on despite the obstacles.

The koi fish tattoos of fish swimming with the current have achieved their goals and are no longer fighting a battle with addiction, love, or other obstacles.

Many people begin their artwork with the fish fighting the current, to update later with the koi fish finally making it to the other side.

Koi Fish Colorful Symbolism

One of the appealing features of the koi fish for those who appreciate skin art is this fish can adapt to a variety of water different conditions and various climates, symbolizing never-ending strength and determination.

The koi fish inherently will swim upstream and escaping fish hooks (fish hook tattoos), and for that, it represents for many a symbol of success, perseverance, dedication, and unwavering determination.

The koi fish tattoos represent the ability to overcome obstacles, a transformation, advancement, prosperity, power, independence, passionate love, masculinity, and friendship just like meanings of honey bees tattoos.

Colorful Koi Fish Meanings

Different color koi fish represent different things, and many are bred to produce vibrant colors that stretch the rainbow. The color black represents success in overcoming obstacles.

Red ink is symbolic of love, and a very intense love at that. The orange color is symbolic of the mother in the family, whereas pink would be the color for a daughter, and both colors represent in the koi fish bravery, power, and love.

The blue color in the koi fish is a masculine color representing calmness, tranquility, and peace. Last, the yellows or gold, symbolic of wealth and fortune, the highest possible attainment for the koi fish on his journey.

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