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Fishing Tattoos – Diversity in Design and Meanings

When it comes to combining fishing and tattoos, the variety in design and meanings can be quite vast. On the one hand, you may have the avid fisherman who loves everything associated with being out on the water, while on the other end you have those who love everything associated with the fishing lifestyle.

If you are looking for a little inspiration concerning your very own fishing tattoos, the following information should help you to reel in a winner for sure.

The One That Got Away

Ask any fisherman about the best time they had while out fishing and the stories seem to get wilder and wilder as time passes. What was once a one-foot bass has turned into a three foot monster of the deep, and the stories get wilder each time.

Those who prefer to get inked with a huge fish on the line, or just out of reach of the bait, feel that sense of adrenaline each time they look at the ink and know that the next time could be the time they finally land that beast.

For many who love the fishing lifestyle, the draw to the bigger catch never falls out of fashion.

Getting Hitched or Hooked

Whether you are a fisherman or getting hitched to one, a creative way to express your love for anything fishing and your new partner is joining the fishing hooks in a heart pattern with names enclosed.

Others have the fishing pole bent back with the name of their partner pulling back on the line, symbolic of them either finally landing this person or having them on the line and slowly reeling them in.

Getting the hook piercing the skin can also be symbolic of a person who is already taken, hooked by the line of another.

Escape from Reality

One of the biggest attractions to fishing is what it represents. No matter how stressful a job or your day, getting out to the water and experiencing you against the sea is something many can not resist.

Fishing for these folks is all about escape, relief, calmness, peacefulness, and quiet. Many release their catch soon after because for them fishing is all about the chase.

These tattoo designs can have beautiful sunset backdrops and shadows of the big fish out of reach of the hook.

Remembering a Time Long Gone

For those who were born into the fishing lifestyle, the fishing tattoos bring them back to their childhood when they would fish off the pier as a child with their dad, grandfather, uncle, or brother.

Getting inked with a rod and line spelling out a deceased members family only solidifies that connection the two have to fish, and all those great times out alone trying to catch a fish but remembering all those stories that were talked about.

These are only a few of the ways you can get inked with fishing tattoos. The beauty of this concept is that you have the ability to get as creative as you like and still stick to the core values of the fishing lifestyle.

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