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31 Fish Hook Tattoos and Their Catchy Meanings

The fish hook is closely associated with fishing, and through the years it has come to be symbolic of many positive attributes for different people. The great thing about the fish hook tattoos is that once you connect with a design, you can choose any of the associations that best represents you at your core. Even those who have never fished or are not lovers of fishing can find a connection with the fish hook tattoos that is too irresistible to pass on.

Whether you love fishing or not, here are just some of the ways people are expressing their uniqueness by way of body ink.

The Fish Hook and the Sailor

Those who live or have to spend a considerable amount of time on the water can instantly appreciate all the positive attributes associated with the fish hook design. Just like how the anchor is associated with good luck for sailors, the fish hook represents for the fisherman the same.

This design not only is symbolic of the harvest they score each time they set sail, it also reminds them they must have a safe journey each time out.

The design can be symbolic of strength, endurance, persistence, and the refusal to give in.

The Big Catch of the Day

While many fishermen associate their dedication to their craft by way of the fish hook tattoos, others love the vast associations this symbol has to love of other sorts. Those who think they are a great catch will use the fish hook to represent the good in them.

Others use the design to showcase they have landed the love of their life, catching someone they have been chasing after for years, or have their hooks in someone that they refuse to let go.

Even women will make use of the design to show that they are committed to that one person they have finally caught.

The Hawaii Connection

In Hawaiian culture, the fish hook is representative of a number of things. The tool provides food and for centuries has been the giver of life so to speak.

While it provides a bounty for the tribe, it also is symbolic of safe travels and good luck too. Some Hawaiian tribes see the fish hook as meaning prosperity, while others see it as a sign of endurance and strength.

Those with Hawaiian heritage can get inked with the fish hook as a representation of their connection with family and their ancestors. For those who make a living fishing, then the hook is an easy choice to show their calling and passion in life.

The fish hook tattoos can run the gamete of meanings today with body ink lovers. On one hand, the pointed jagged edge means steer clear of this person, they have their hook in someone else. Others see the fish hook and a connection of love, a bond with another person that will stand the test of time.

The unique thing about the fish hook is that you can join two hooks in the shape of a heart to represent love, or even have the hook piercing the skin to show that you’re taken.

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