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13 Vine Tattoos With All Different Meanings Explained

When it comes to skin art, the vine tattoos are a great way to express evolution, connection, and growth. These amazing plants simply wind their way up and through different symbolic history.

These vines are more than pretty plants winding around the ankles or arms, these tattoos twirl with a variety of symbolic meanings.

Being Able to Survive

The vine can not only grow just about anywhere, it can reach dizzying heights even without the presence of sunlight.

The way this plant lives and grows says a lot about the person getting the tattoo. The vine is capable of growing in the most inhospitable places, in fact, the more challenging the environment, the more fierce the vine will become.

The vine will find a way to survive regardless of the surroundings, whether creeping around a huge obstacle or climbing a surface others would never dare.

Those wearing the vine tattoo utilize the symbolism of a plant that has an unwavering will to live and survive.

Ultimate Sun Seekers

There are just those individuals who are lost unless they can put their feet in the sand and have the sun on their face.

Sun seekers love to be associated with the vine because this unique plant will go to just about any length to find sunlight. Also sunflower tattoo designs are connected with sun and growth.

The person considering the vine tattoos understands the symbolism associated with meeting the light.

On a more spiritual level, this means they are striving to meet that light in family, friendship, and faith which can be connected with meanings of praying hands tattoos and family tree tattoos.

Craving Absolute Security

The thing about a vine is that they are quite persistent in their pursuits. In fact, they can be rather difficult to remove from the location they have chosen to attach themselves to.

They cling to just about any structure, and once they are hooked in, the bond is extremely strong.

The symbolic nature of the vine tattoo can be equated to the anchor in a storm, staying stuck to something regardless of the surroundings.

The idea can be clinging to a set of ideals, a belief, a way of life, or a bond with a friend, lover, or family member just like brother’s keeper tatto.

Many vine tattoo designs represent a person saying that from today forward I anchor myself to that belief which can be also inked like a script or quote.

Hidden meanings of the Vine Tattoos

While there are many obvious meaning behind the vine tattoos, some meanings that have a more personal connection with the person are less obvious.

These winding and wrapping colorful tattoos can represent life, survival, strength, friendship, progress, endurance, partnership, and promise. In early Christianity, the vine was considered sacred.

Fruit bearing vines are symbolic of big harvests and bounty. Grapes can be representative of the fruits of labor, hard work, determination, and ideal or vision. Ancient Sumerians referred to the vine as their symbol for life.

When it comes to vine tattoos, this mysterious plant has a huge variety of meanings. The big benefit to the vine tattoo is that it is never-ending.

It can start around the ankles meaning one thing, then years later can be added to as it creeps up the leg and has a completely different meaning.

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