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39 Praying Hand Tattoos With Personal Expression of Faith

The symbol of praying hands immediately connects those who have a deep association with their religion. While most people who see the praying hand tattoos think religion first, this is not always the case for the person getting inked.

These hands can be representative of feelings that allow this person to get through their day or used to memorialize someone they can no longer speak with in this world.

The Origin of the Praying Hands

The drawing of the praying hands may have that deep association with religion, but they got their start in the most unusual place. Back in the 15th century, a boy with seventeen other brothers and sisters was concerned his father was working too hard to try and feed, clothe, and support his enormous family.

This young boy luckily was allowed to go to art school when the father who could only afford to pay for one child, flipped a coin and this child won. He went on to become a famous Renaissance painter, and the praying hands were his tribute to the brother who lost out on the chance to get formal training.

It represents hope, love, caring, understanding, and family.

The Connection to Religion

Make no mistake about it, those who are passionate about their religion, utilize the praying hand tattoos to be symbolic of their faith and their connection with their god.

Some draw rosary beads around the hands as a memorial to someone who has passed, while others place handcuffs around both wrists to symbolize a struggle they are going through although they are placing their faith in their god.

On a darker note, some make the praying hands just bones, and this skeletal image of two hands represents this person wants someone to pray for us all because they feel we are doomed. The hands praying is a reaching out to a higher existence for help during troubled times.

The Praying Hands Tattoo Meanings

The palms together is a design has deep religious meanings, praying for guidance, praying for help, or praying that others rest in peace. The praying hand tattoos can be symbolic of a person wanting quiet time within the human body so they can work on a more spiritual level. Once the mind and the hands become silent, then the spirit can be more focused.

Some ink lovers who have been battling an addiction or have survived very trying times will utilize the praying hand tattoos to represent they have overcome a struggle, they need help staying the course, and they have moved past that time in their life thanks to the help of their god.

Whether you want the praying hands in a tattoo design to represent that you are hoping for happiness or you are wishing for a long and healthy life, the meaning is personal for the wearer and it can change over time. While the praying hands could represent hoping for something today, once attained, it could them be representative of thanks for having reached that goal.

The universal appeal and huge amount of meanings make this tattoo design especially popular.

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