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19 My Brothers Keeper Tattoo With Powerful Meanings

One of more popular tattoos that has links to the days Jesus walked the earth is the my brothers keeper tattoo.

The original story goes back to when Cain killed his brother Abel and was questioned by God himself. God asked where Cain’s brother was, to which he replied, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Originally it appeared these words represented an unwillingness to accept responsibility, but today the meaning is quite different.

Being your brother’s keeper brings with it a sense of responsibility even if the person is not related by blood as in the original story.

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Dissecting the Meaning of the Story

God already knew what Cain had done when he asked the question, it was Cain who bore the responsibility of explaining what he had done.

Although today we are each our own person, it is our business to look out for one another to ensure peace in our own world.

The my brothers keeper tattoo does not have to imply that you are looking out for a brother or sister in your family, it carries a deeper meaning of caring about the well-being of anyone we come in contact with in our day.

So a teacher, counselor, even a business owner, bearing this tattoo can represent their unwavering promise to care for each person that comes into their world.

Distinct Meanings of the Tattoo

Today a person bearing this my brothers keeper tattoo can represent an ability to not only look after and respect others but to help in any way possible and promise to never do anyone harm.

Those who have struggled with addictions and have seen the light will often get this tattoo as a promise to help others who are being lead down the path of addiction and to help guide them to the light.

In Hebrew, the word keeper simply means to protect and guard. There is today a certain level of honor in being able to protect others. Wooden cross tattoos represents similar meanings to honor and protection.

Law enforcement, fire fighters, basically any public servant can twist the words around their arms, chest, shoulders, or legs, and tell the world that they are not going anywhere regardless the dangers involved.

Protecting Your Brother

With so much racial tension in the world today, the my brothers keeper tattoo has become a barrier breaker and helped to mend many fences.

Regardless of race, creed, color, or gender, the my brothers keeper tattoo says your bond to another person is stronger than any possible friendship.

You have another person’s back and you hope they have yours. The meaning today behind the tattoo is more of an undying loyalty in words, just like with meanings of dog tattoos.

Today a person with this tattoo can express themselves saying that they are willing to put the needs of others before their own.

Brothers of Today

Fast forward to today and you can see just how many people are unwilling to let others suffer any longer.

The my brothers keeper tattoo is in direct correlation to Matthew 22:39, where Jesus Christ says we are all called to love our neighbor like we love ourselves.

This unique type of love requires a tremendous amount of courage, and the tattoo is an expression of love, friendship, bravery, strength, commitment, and passion.

When it comes to improving another person’s life, we need to act like we are all brothers, just like Jesus says. Popular design related to Jesus Christ is Jesus fish tattoo design.

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