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Dog Tattoos With Diverse and Symbolic Meanings

Make no mistake about it, most people choose dog tattoos because of their affection and personal love for their canine companions. While some may choose this design to display their love of their four-legged friend who has passed on, others simply pick it because it represents for them a connection with these animals that is beyond words.

If you are looking for a fun idea for a tattoo that is rich in meaning, consider getting your very own dog tattoo.

The History of Our Loyal Friends

Dating back for as long as man has appreciated the companionship of dogs, these animals have long been considered to be sentinels to the other world.

Ancient Greeks, Celtics, and Egyptians, considered the dog to be a spiritual guide. They were long thought to be an ally for the human soul while it was between the physical and spiritual realms.

Shamans have long associated the dog with powers of the forest, recognized as a savvy and keen wilderness guide. Over the centuries our appreciation for dogs has only grown.

The Symbolism in Dog Tattoos

Dogs have long been associated with being strong, hearty, steadfast leaders that can help us to navigate our ways through the darker times. Regardless of your individual journey, dogs are the perfect companion and up to just about any task.

Their unwavering loyalty comforts their owners and makes them exception long-term friends. Today many people choose the dog in their tattoo to symbolize guidance through the dark forests of our own lives.

In Asian culture, the dog is considered to bring good luck, symbolic of good fortune, prosperity, and friendliness. Their amicable disposition combined with their personalities of being empathetic, philanthropic, and well-liked, you can boost your social standing by getting inked with a dog tattoo.

The Symbolic Meanings of Dog Tattoos

Dog tattoos are among some of the most popular and the meanings tend to run the full spectrum for some. On the one side, your dog tattoo could be representative of confidence, strength, loyalty, and teamwork.

Others like to associate their new ink with protection, obedience, friendship, and community. As you can see, the list is quite long, including intelligence, courage, determination, guidance, perception, faithfulness, and guardianship.

These tattoos look great on any part of the body and with a huge selection of canines to choose from, you should have no problem picking a design that matches your unique personality.

The Dog Memorial

Those who have had dogs that passed know the pain associated with losing a member of the family can be overwhelming. Getting inked with an image of your dog with his name and dates below is the perfect way to memorialize them for the rest of your life.

Some choose to get the paw prints inked near the chest to symbolize that this dog will forever be close to your heart. The image that is closely related to your pet will remind you daily of that special bond the two of you will always share.

A creative way to pay tribute is putting the actual paw print of your dog on paper while they are alive, then after they pass to use it as the template for the ink design.

Getting that dog tattoo will solidify that relationship you have with your own pet.

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