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Memorial Tattoos and Their Deep Emotional Connections

Getting a tattoo to memorialize the loss of a loved one is something that many people put some serious thought into. This is, in fact, going to be a permanent connection between the wearer and the deceased, and the image needs to be just right to transcend the ages. With so many popular memorial tattoos out there, it can be difficult to choose just the right imagery that captures the true essence of the deceased.

The following ideas for memorial tattoos should give you at least a direction to head off into if you already have an idea or concept and want to really personalize it so it is a fitting tribute for your loved one.

There is no way that you can go wrong with angel wings. Regardless your faith or lack of faith, the angel wings wrapped around the loved one’s name allows you to rest easy knowing they are in a better place, but that they are also looking down on you for the rest of your time on this planet.

These memorial tattoos are a great way to be reminded each day of what this person meant in your life and a fitting tribute.

Using the heart shape in memorial tattoos is extremely powerful, and it can be done in a variety of creative ways. The broken heart is symbolic of you having to struggle through the rest of your life without this person.

The heart shape connected to the heart beat lines tells the story that as long as you are alive that your loved one is too. Others choose to place dates inside the heart, and then the shape of the heart is inked with a saying or scripture that is personal to you both.

The wooden cross is an ideal memorial tattoo because it represents having to struggle without them while having the faith knowing they are in a better place looking upon you for the rest of your life. The crosses can be embellished with doves, angels, the sunshine, or verses and sayings that remind you of the loved one.

Simply inking the word mom, dad, sister, brother, husband, or wife, connected to a small heart says that even though they are gone, they took a small piece of your heart with them on their new journey.

If the person who has passed was in the military, there are a number of memorial tattoos that will really get the message across. The folded flag, dog tags, or empty boots, all represent a tribute to a soldier. These images can be combined with a grave marker or angel wings, and really help to customize the concept.

One of the ways that you can make these memorial tattoos truly unique is by inking the image of something that connects only you and your loved one. For example, for your grandmother, you could draw a small ball of yarn with crotch needles, for your dad a can of his favorite beer, or a rose with missing pedals for mom.

If you have something that connected to the loved one, it is the perfect subject matter for these memorial tattoos.

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