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My ‘Sister’s Protector’ Tattoo: A Lifetime Promise That Can Never Be Broken

We all know the words Brother’s Keeper, it is a saying that it has been inked for generations and besides being connected with families and siblings it has a deeper meaning behind. This quote is linked with the story of Cain and Abel in the book of Genesis and it stands out as one of the most tattooed quotes among young people. The other version of this quote is the Sister’s Protector or Sisters’ Keeper. It shows the strength of women and the meaning is not so different from the Brother’s Keeper quote.

The Meaning Of The Sister’s Protector/Keeper Tattoo


Every woman who carry responsibilities for their sisters, brothers, the entire family is a Sister’s Keeper or Protector. This tattoo is mostly added by two sisters who grow together and go through life protecting each other. To be a Sister’s Protector means to always shine the path for your sibling.


To love one another is the most important saying attached to this meaning. Some things have changed today so it is not always the case that brothers and sisters agree with each other. There are fights over possessions and so many other reasons that can break siblings apart. But, love must prevail. There are whole lectures on this subject and most of the time after discovering what we might loose over that non-important stuff, we get inspired and our love becomes double.

Love meaning goes even deeper. Through history, there are many sisterhoods and brotherhoods that are the best definition for this saying. It involves deeper respect that always keeps the groups in peace and harmony. Many religious communities call them selfs sisters or brothers which means that we are all one under the hand of God. So this means that you can also ink this quote dedicated to a close friend who is always there for you.


If you have a smaller sister that you love so much this tattoo is perfect for you. You are always her’s keeper and will do anything for her just to be safe. As the older sister, you are her guide and she can always lean on your back for anything.

This tattoo can go either ways. Sometimes the brother is the one who has this tattoo, proudly showing off his care about his sister. If you want to show her how much you love her, a tattoo is certainly not a bad idea.

 Sister’s Protector/Keeper Tattoo Designs

With some of the meanings explained above, you can choose your tattoo design to closely describe your love towards your sister, brother or friend.

One of the most eye-catching designs is the Sister’s Keeper quote tattoo with the infinity sign behind. The sister’s love is forever and there is nothing that can tear them apart.

Another interesting design is the quote written with amazing font and under it the date of your sister’s birth with small numbers. The most popular one is the double Sister’s Keeper tattoo.

We can see a thousand examples of this tattoo, two sisters have the same tattoo mostly above the hand or one tattoo divided into two parts that makes a whole when they put their arms close. A nice choice for this is a butterfly or angel wings because they are symmetrical and the Sister’s keeper quote is inked on the edges of the wings. As a single tattoo, flowers can always be involved and you can add the most beautiful colors. You can choose all kinds of elements that you want to make your tattoo better, there is no limit, the meaning is close to the heart and it will always look great.

The Popularity Of The Sister’s Keeper Tattoo Today

Since 2004, this tattoo became so popular that there was a wave of women who inked it. The reason for this was the book named My Sister’s Keeper written by Jodi Picoult. The main character, Anna Fitzgerald was born with only one purpose-to to be her sister’s organ donor who suffers from leukemia. The twist in the book is happening when Anna decides to sue her parents for her life and that idea was given to her by her sick sister Kate.

This story touched the hearts of many women out there and the meaning of the quote became deeply emotional for them. Even on a dead bad Kate is Anna’s sister’s keeper. There is also a movie with the same name that is considered one of the best movies made about sisters love.

With all said, maybe you got inspired for your next tattoo, and as for any tattoo, research before you decide for the final design and you can even discuss it with your sister to see what suits you best. This tattoo is one of the greatest promises that can never be broken.

My Sisters Protector Tattoo on Forearm
Brother Sister Tattoo On Leg
My Sister's Protector Tattoo & My Brother's Keeper Tattoo On Hand
My Sister's Protector & My Brother's Keeper Tattoo On Forearm
Sisters Tattoo
Sister's Tattoo On Wrist
Three Sisters Tattoo With Butterfly On Hand
My Sister's Protector & My Brother's Keeper Tattoo On Forearm With Infinity and Heart
Brother Sister Tattoo
Sisters Tattoo On Hand
My Sister's Protector & My Brother's Keeper Tattoo On Back

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