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45 Anklet Tattoos With Beautiful and Diversifying Meanings

Anklet Tattoos With Beautiful and Diversifying Meanings

One of the most creative tattoo design ideas to make the rounds is the anklet tattoos. These popular designs with the ladies allow them to wear stunning jewelry designs around the ankle without fear of them ever getting lost.

While some go for the more subtle, others load up the bracelet with symbolic adornments that have a deep personal connection with the wearer.

For those looking for some inspiration for a new tattoo design, here are some of the popular variations associated with the anklet tattoos.

The Charm Bracelet

The traditional charm bracelet is popular these days because each time a certain event occurs in your life, you can purchase another charm and just attach it to the bracelet.

As far as the anklet tattoos, this is the perfect design to showcase the milestones in a person’s life.

The anklet can be drawn with a single charm, then added for things like the birth of a child, the passing of a loved one, joining the military, finding love, getting married, or showcasing a connection with one’s heritage.

The beauty of this type tattoo design is you can keep adding the charms and improving upon the anklet over the course of one’s life.

The Flair for the Dramatic

Some women love the look of luxury but simply can not afford to be buying and wearing flashy diamonds around their body.

Luckily, with the anklet tattoos you can show off your fancy side on a limited budget, similar to the temporary tattoos.

The tattoo design can be drawn with various gemstones around the jewelry of various colors, or simply studded diamonds completely around the leg. When it comes to the ankle, anything really goes here.

The key is choosing something that you are going to be a fan of for a very long time, because unlike the fashion industry, you can’t put these away in the jewelry box after they fall out of fashion and you move on to your next fix.

Birthstones tend to be some of the most popular ideas in this design.

Connection to One’s Heritage

One of the most popular anklet tattoos this year is the drawings of religious symbols within the design..

Some get rosary beads with the cross hanging down to represent their connection to their Catholic faith, just like tattoos of Virgin Mary, while others who have a spiritual connection to their native American ancestors get the anklet tattoos drawn with beads and the dream catcher.

The designs that connection with religion or faith are some of the most powerful, and ones that a person will have for a lifetime.

Native American feathers, Celtic crosses, Polish eagles, Japanese symbols, or Italian flags, all appropriate adornments to be hanging from the anklets.

One of the reasons for the global appeal of the anklet tattoos is they can be concealed quite easily, allowing the wearer to only reveal their tattoo when they are intimate with someone or while spending time at the beach.

These tattoo designs can be tiny and discrete or they can be bold and loud, yet another connection with the wearer that is completely fine regardless which way you decide to have the jewelry drawn.

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