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31 Rosary Beads Tattoos With Symbolism and Meanings

One of the reasons the rosary beads tattoos have been so popular with body ink lovers is because it is something both men and women can enjoy and holds a very personal meaning for the wearer.

Most people know instantly what the rosary beads are, and they are often associated with religion and beliefs, especially that of the Catholic Church. This beaded necklace is used during prayers and is believed to offer the wearer the added protection of God.

Considering the rosary beads as a tattoo design here is everything you need to know before getting your ink:

The History of the Rosary Beads

The rosary beads are comprised of five sets of ten different beads, with a cross hanging at the end of the necklace. The rosary beads are a unique system used to count and keep track of how many prayers are being said.

A person can close their eyes, focus on their prayers, and simply move their fingers along the beads until they get to the cross to know they have completed the session.

These beads allow the person to be completely focused on their thoughts and prayers, and each bead is symbolic of one prayer, one decade, and one mystery. The string of these beads is known as a chaplet, and have been used to ward off demons and evil spirits.

The Popularity of the Rosary Beads

Today you see women, men, professionals, and even gang leaders, all getting inked with the rosary beads tattoos. These beads are considered to be a sacred symbol of the Catholic Church.

When inked on the body, they represent for some a commitment to a higher power, a dedication to their God, and the reaching out for help in difficult times. Those who get the rosary beads inked on the body are asking for protection for themselves and for their loved ones.

The beads can be drawn with a huge cross at the bottom to represent their faith, their love for someone who has passed, or for showing their support in a higher power.

The Rosary Beads Symbolism

Some associate the rosary beads with roses, partly because the Latin word for a rosary means a garland of roses, and others connect the roses with the Virgin Mary.

Some get their ink with patterns of rose pedals in place of the beads to represent a love for the Holy Mother, for the pain Jesus Christ endured with his crown of thorns, and to represent their connection to their faith for the rest of their lives.

Many get the rosary beads tattoos drawn around the neck and down the chest just like a real set would hang to remind them to be grateful for what they have, to prayer to their God daily, and to appreciate the protection these beads offer.

In addition to the rosary beads design, many ink lovers incorporate other religious symbols to further enhance the imagery and its meaning. Some choose to add wings, hearts, angels, and large crosses to the beads. Praying hands with the beads wrapped around the fingers can be symbolic of a memorial to a loved one who has passed or your love for your religion.

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