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46 Puzzle Piece Tattoos With Connecting Pieces And Meanings

The puzzle piece tattoos are representative of autism. This puzzle piece design has become the universal symbol for autism, and many ink lovers get this puzzle piece inked on their skin to show support for a friend, loved one, or the cause in general.

This puzzle piece was originally designed by autism advocacy groups for symbolizing how an autistic person struggles to try and fit in with other people.

In many puzzle piece tattoos, they feature colorful interlocking pieces to represent the unique and diverse ways any person with autism has been affected by this disease. While the color blue is traditional for autism awareness, many ink lovers create stunning designs using bright and bold colors to draw in more attention.

Today, these puzzle piece tattoos have other meanings that appeal to a large audience:

Deep Connection or Relationship

The puzzle piece tattoos have a very deep connection with people who want to make it known about a close relationship that they have with another. Best friends who want to recognize their timeless friendship get the puzzle piece tattoos with pieces that are drawn that will connect together when the two tattoos are joined.

These are the perfect designs for life-long friends, soul mates, and for people who are separated by distance but want a permanent reminder of their connection with the other person.

Many married couples choose the puzzle piece tattoos to represent that they finally have found the person they have been searching for all these years.

Missing or Incomplete Dreams

Getting a few pieces of the puzzle inked on the body can have a very deep connection with the wearer.

The missing piece of the puzzle is symbolic with not fulfilling a dream, completing a goal, or still having some work to do in achieving some milestone in one’s life.

The good news is that there is plenty of time to complete that quest, so when the goal is ultimately achieved the final piece of the puzzle can be inked to remind a person of their unique journey. As a goal is achieved, the milestone can be inked on the piece, like each time a child is born and the family size increases.

Following a Dream

One of the reasons many fall in love with the puzzle piece tattoos is because it can work as inspiration towards following a dream.

The pieces can be drawn in a way that the image on the pieces is not complete without that one last piece. Perhaps it could be symbolic of needing to travel to a distant land, meeting a soul mate, or achieving certain financial status.

The missing piece can drive a person each day they look at their tattoo to keep moving forward towards their goal.

Others see the piece of the puzzle as their own part in the grand scheme of things. In order to help with a movement, all the pieces of the puzzle need to join together, regardless how many have the piece tattooed.

While the common representation for the puzzle piece tattoos is autism awareness, you can see how this little design can really have a close and personal meaning for others.

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