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31 Tattoos on Fingers With Interesting Meaning


If you are on the fence about getting a tattoo, perhaps you should consider getting a smaller design on your thumb, little finger, middle or ring finger.

Tattoos on fingers are all the rage today because you can utilize a tiny image that has a personal connection with you and can be seen throughout your day. Unlike other parts of the body, the images that you choose for the tattoos on fingers have to be crisp, clean, and especially tiny.

Working with a skilled tattoo artist who can draw in such a small location is key, the rest is up to you.

Choosing to Ink the Fingers

One thing to consider before you get your tattoos on fingers, this is one of the more sensitive areas of the body to have a needle piercing the skin. The other areas like shoulders, legs, and even arms, has plenty of muscle beneath the skin to absorb some of the impact of the needle.

When inking the finger, in some regions there is little or no padding, so you really feel the sting of the needle and it will hurt. On the bright side, because you are getting such a tiny design, the pain will not last very long and before you know it, you creative, stunning, and unique tattoos on fingers is complete.

The Wedding Bands

One of the most popular tattoos on fingers design this year is the wedding bands or rings. Rather than hitting the local jewelry store and spending thousands on gold bands, people are inking their bands on the ring finger instead.

There are two reasons this is such a great idea for couples. One, the design of your wedding band can be completely unique. Choose barbed wire, string, or any shape you like to wrap around the ring finger. Secondly, there is never the chance of you losing your wedding band, it becomes a permanent reminder of the love between two people.

Variety of the Tattoos on Fingers

Just like getting inked anywhere else on the body, you are free to choose the style of your tattoo design that best aligns with your personality. For the ladies, hearts, moons, cupcakes, and even stars seem to be the popular choice for tattoos on fingers.

Men are getting inked with anchors, crosses, skulls, and zodiac signs. Another popular choice for getting inked on the finger is choosing a phrase and having it done ion the sides of the finger or fingers. promise, hope, and peace, are some of the most common phrases, and with these you can add a new word to a new finger as your life unfolds.

The Joining of Ink

Others love the idea of getting half of a saying or design on one finger, then their friend, lover, or partner, gets the other half of the design on their finger. Until the two are together does the tattoo make complete sense.

People in long distance relationships or who have someone in the military choose these tattoos on fingers to keep the hope alive they will soon be together again.

The popularity of the tattoos on fingers seems to be growing each year, and with an endless supply of creative designs to choose from and plenty of space on all those fingers, this trend should remain popular for some time.

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