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23 Colorful Hawaiian Flower Tattoos With Meanings


One thing is for certain, when you see the colorful and beautiful Hawaiian flower tattoos, you will not soon forget it. These stunning flowers in ink are like permanent works of art. On one hand, these tattoos can be use to express a connection to the Hawaiian culture, and on the other they can symbolize beauty and magnificence.

Surprisingly, the Hawaiian flower tattoos are not just popular with females, many men are taken aback by this tropical flower and use it to show their softer side.

The Connection to Hawaiian Culture

During the height of tourism on the Hawaiian islands in the 19th and 20th centuries, the Hawaiian flower was utilized in the lei, and given to every person who arrived to the islands. That symbolic wreath of flowers today represents for many affection, opening of the arms, a welcoming into the fold.

This particular flower is often found behind the ear of Hawaiian women, symbolic that she is now ready to connect with a partner in marriage. Hawaiians have always been great practitioners of tattooing, and many traditional artists still use tropical flowers in their designs on the islands for visitors and islanders alike.

Connection with the Land

One of the reasons the Hawaiian flower is found in so many tattoos and art designs around the islands is because this culture has always had a very deep connection with nature. In ancient times, Hawaiian navigators were able to touch the waves with their hands and detect an island hundreds miles away.

The Hawaiian flower tattoos represent that connection with the flora of the Hawaiian Islands. Today, Hawaii has created one of the greatest varieties and abundance of unique tropical flowers of anywhere in the world.

These flower designs today symbolize a connection with the Earth, protector of life, and someone who is always looking for the beauty and good in all despite what is going on in the world.

Different Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Meanings

The most popular Hawaiian flower tattoo is the hibiscus and is the Hawaii state flower. Hibiscus flowers bloom in a variety of colors from pink, red, white, yellow, lavender, green, blue, orange, and purple. This flower design today symbolizes delicate beauty and being consumed by love.

The anthurium is another popular choice for a Hawaiian flower tattoos. This unique bright red flower has a heart shape.

These are the popular flower designs that symbolize of hospitality, kindness, and friendship. One other popular flower choice for the Hawaiian design is the orchids. These flowers are symbolic of being free-spirited, mysterious, and unique.

Although many different flowers could be considered from the tropical islands, they all seem to have a common thread as far as their meanings. These flowers used in a tattoo design are commonly representative of joyfulness, happiness, elegance, a fun-loving spirit, and everything paradise.

Those who travel to the islands for vacation or honeymoons seem to be touched in a way no other region of the world can do, and they get this permanent reminder in ink to keep them feeling that incredible love and joy they had while they were visitors to Hawaii.

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