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Sunflower Tattoos With Bright Meanings

To understand the meaning behind the sunflower tattoo, you need to understand the unique attributes of the sunflower. This plant gets its name because it moves itself in a position to get as much direct sunlight as possible. This has a very spiritual meaning for those who have an undying faith and belief system that the sun is the all-powerful life-giving center of our universe. Today the sunflower represents for many who choose to ink their body with this beautiful plant a connection to a deeper source, something that carries a very special and personal meaning.

Sunflower Tattoo Gallery

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The Sunflower and the Ancients

Dating back to ancient Greece, the sunflower was associated with Clytie, the water nymph, who after losing the love of her life Apollo, turns into a sunflower. The symbolic gesture here is that she will always be facing the sun looking for the chariot of her lover to someday return to her. The Chinese have long associated the sunflower with good luck and happiness, yellow signifying intelligence and vitality. In the days of early Christianity, the sunflower was a representation of unwavering faith that will eventually guide out souls to spiritual atonement. The symbol of the sunflower has for many centuries in different cultures been linked to faith because it is both bountiful and bright, always on that constant search for the light.

The Color of the Sunflower

When it comes to the color of the sunflower tattoo, yellow stands out brightly and really can pull in attention. The color is often closely linked to the chakras, governing intellect and the central force of self-awareness and perception. Anyone who inks up with the sunflower might be on a personal journey of evolution, having left behind one particular belief and now transformed after seeing the light. The sunflower tattoo can represent a method of communicating with a person who has passed on through a heightened state of consciousness. The color yellow that is used in the sunflower tattoo means spiritually broadening and mind-expanding. The orange in the sunflower tattoo again refers to the chakra, linked to expansion, creativity, reproduction, and self-confidence.

The Sunflower Tattoo and Today

The reason that the sunflower tattoo has gained in popularity today is because of the creative ways the artist can depict the flower on different parts of the body. This can symbolize undying faith in religion or other beliefs, longevity, nourishment, healing, worship, focus, and even the flexibility to continue to bend as far as needed to stay the course. The sunflower tattoo represents for many a symbol of confidence and security while others refer to its compassionate, warmth, and light qualities. The sunflower will defy the odds regardless the outside forces and constantly seek out the light of the sun. This unwavering commitment, love, and need to be focused on one thing is very attractive to those who like to ink themselves up with deep meaningful art.

The sunflower is beautiful to look upon, and packed with a number of meanings that cover the full spectrum from one end to another. Whether looking towards the sun for a sign from a lost love on the other side or that focus and commitment to one belief, the sunflower tattoo stands strong and alone as one of the most popular tattoo designs every drawn.

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