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The Powerful Magnetism of the Tramp Stamp Tattoos

Make no mistake about it, tramp stamp tattoos are some of the sexiest body ink designs. Known in the business as the lower back tattoos, they can be quite stylish for women and girls.

The tattoo is only revealed when the wearer wants the world to see, so it has that unseen attraction that even adds more to the appeal.

Tramp Stamp Tattoo Gallery

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This article will discuss where the name tramp stamp originated, some of the most popular lower back tattoo designs, if getting these tattoos hurt, and some more juicy tidbits.

Where Did Tramp Stamp Originate?

During the 1990’s, there was a rush of people getting lower back tattoos in California. In fact, women and girls of all ages were hitting the tattoo parlors in record numbers and requesting unique lower back tattoo designs.

Since the location and the gender were becoming more popular each year, the name tramp stamp was affectionately given to this particular tattoo design.

The name appears to have a connection to the Celtic and tribal designs that appear to have been stamped on the skin like tribal lion tattoos.

Of course, because the term tramp does have a sexual overtone, many of these ladies were unfortunately labeled as sluts.

So Is That Rumor True?

The theory that women who get lower back tattoos being more promiscuous than others are nothing more than a rumor.

Women with long and short hair, blue and brown eyes, tall and short, white and blue collar, married and single, all enjoy the lower back tattoos.

The so-called studies that claim there is a direct correlation between promiscuity and tramp stamp tattoos are not accurate or scientific, just one person’s trumped-up story to attract more attention to themselves and nothing more.

Claiming all women who get the tramp stamp tattoos are promiscuous is like saying since rabid dogs will bite, then every dog who bites is rabid.

Popular Tramp Stamp Tattoo Designs

The lower back region is the perfect pallet for a wide and elaborate tattoo design.

That being said, some of the more popular lower back tattoo designs have wavy lines that wrap around the lower back and usually have a star, flower (Hibiscus flower designs), name, butterfly, bow (Bow Tie tattoos), ribbon, or heart as the focal point.

Many ladies add names in the tattoo design, a lover, a diseased loved one, a child, or soulmate.

Some of the more popular tramp stamp tattoos are a single word that best describes the wearer, while others are popular expressions that tell the world who see is on the inside.

Does Getting the Tramp Stamp Tattoo Hurt?

Before we answer the question about the lower back tattoo being painful to get, you should know getting any tattoo hurts.

If you have a tattoo already, you endured that pain to have this permanent reminder inked on your skin. If this is your first tattoo, yes it will hurt, and yes, you picked one of the most sensitive parts of the body to get inked.

The skin in the lower back region has little padding between it and your bones and nerves. The skin is thinner, and the pain is more obvious.

That being said, a simple heart tramp stamp is not going to be anywhere as painful as a full lower back piece. The difference in a 30 minute versus a 6 hours tattoo is significant. To help you lower pain from tattooing, be sure to check out tattoo numbing cream.

Why Lower Back Tattoos are Popular

One of the reasons the tramp stamp tattoos are so popular is because you give the tattoo artist a smooth, expansive, and wide surface to create their masterpiece on your body.

The design looks impressive as it starts out in the center of the spine and then wraps around her waist.

The area of skin in the lower back does not really transform much with age or weight changes, so the color and the crisp details tend to remain for many years longer than getting a tattoo on a different part of the body.

Whether it be tribal themes or butterflies woven throughout flowers, the tramp stamp tattoos allow females to express themselves creatively through body ink.

Concealment of the Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Another reason the tramp stamp tattoos are a popular choice for the ladies is that they can easily be concealed in a moments notice.

Any standard piece of women’s apparel will quickly hide the tattoo. It can be difficult to hide a tattoo on your arm, ankle, leg, or wrist, but the tramp stamp tattoo can be covered with just about any top and can be flashed where and when she sees fit.

Low cut jeans and tiny top allow her to show off her ink when she wants, then in the work environment, any traditional top will hide the stamp from prying eyes.

Regardless if a woman chooses a set of angel wings, heart emblem, hummingbirds (hummingbird tattoos), or twinkling stars, the lower back tattoos are today a favorite with women of all ages who want a unique way to show off their fun side to the world.

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