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24 Bow Tie Tattoos With Fashionable Meanings


When the women want to make a statement, they really how to get their point across. Case in point, the popularity of bow tie tattoos has exploded in recent years due to the symbolic meanings associated with this little ribbon.

While some guys can relate to the unique symbolism of the bow ties, they take on a whole new meaning when they are colorfully inked on the female body.

These are just some of the reasons for the explosion in popularity for the bow tie tattoos.

The Beauty of the Bow

When a ribbon is tied in a bow and placed on any gift, it instantly adds beauty, appeal, and mystery. These are some of the reasons women love to be associated with the bow tie, it allows them to basically gift wrap themselves and present what they have to the world.

Placing the bow tie ribbon tattoo on the wrists, neck, or even legs, symbolizes something more than meets the eyes. If you want to know what is under that gift wrapping, you have to be willing to peel apart a few of the outer layers before you get your reward. These bow tie tattoos are symbolic of charm, beauty, but they can also have a very deep meaning for the wearer.

Tie Up Loose Ends

The bow tie tattoos appeal to those who are ready to move forward and leave behind a past they have finally come to terms with. This tattoo is all about the tying up of loose ends, butting a bow on the past and moving forward in a positive direction.

Women today love the bow tie either in string, ribbon, or lace design, part of what gives it that beautiful appearance. Women revere the bow tie tattoos because they symbolize a cool attitude, being liberal, being able to stand on their own.

These bow ties made of lace scream femininity, a representation of embellishing something to make what is inside even more valuable. These tattoo designs are actually a small fashion statement that reveal a sampling of the personality of the women inside.

The Power in Gifting

Some people get more joy out of giving than receiving gifts. The bow tie tattoos made of huge colorful materials symbolize sharing, giving of oneself completely without expectation, and putting everything on the line with no turning back.

A woman is born with the power to give life, and the bow tie is yet another way she can give of herself to the world, whether with her smile, her personality, or her unwillingness to settle for anything less than her best. These tattoo designs really look amazing on just about any part of the female anatomy, especially in areas that attract attention.

Besides the attention moment, there is one part which is the back of the thigh and has a more mysterious meaning. Women who ink bow tattoos on that body part have deeper symbolism attached to it. It usually simulates the ribbons on the back of stockings like they wore them in Victorian times which means passion or it can be seen like a mark defining the feminine spirit.

This part of the body is more hidden which means it is the woman’s choice if she wants to show her tattoo or not. Because of that, it is connected with secrecy and has an important value. It represents a story of the wearer’s life that is very meaningful to her but don’t want to tell it to the whole world.

Whether used to show a person has put a bow on the past, or symbolic of an anniversary, the bow tie tattoos can be as diverse as their shapes, colors, and style. Some utilize the pink bow tie as a reference to breast cancer, while others use them as reminders of their inner strength and unique attitude.

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