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15 Hummingbird Tattoos and Their Unique Meanings

A spring garden just would not be complete without the soft whisper of the hummingbird fluttering by.

These little birds are capable of moving their tiny wings eight times per second, often associated with being a passionate and energetic creature.

The hummingbird is regarded in many different cultures as representing prosperity and life, part of the reason it has been growing in popularity as tattoo for both men and women.

Popularity of the Hummingbird

Although a popular bird by today’s standards, one can go all the way back to the Aztec culture to see they placed a high regard on this bird.

Warriors in Aztec society needed to be highly efficient at their craft, and were often decorated with talisman representing the hummingbird.

It was believed by having the hummingbird with them, they would get a needed shot of energy, increased sexual prowess, and perform at a higher level.

The hummingbird tattoo meaning can represent one or all these unique traits today in different forms. Due to the smaller size of this bird and it’s design, it is common to make use of several of these birds in a tattoo to portray different characteristics.

Ceremonial Importance of the Hummingbird

Although the hummingbird was a popular icon with the Aztecs, it has represented love and joy throughout all of the Caribbean.

The island of Jamaica uses the hummingbird as their national bird, partly in part to its association with peace and love just like meanings of dragonfly tattoo.

This bird not only was utilized in art and jewelry for many different societies, it was immortalized in the Earth by the Nazca people and carved into stone that can be seen from space.

The Native Americans also had a very close association to the hummingbird because they felt that these birds were created from flowers that would blossom in the spring.

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The hummingbird returns to those flowers to offer thanks, making its grace and beauty available for all to share.

Connecting the Hummingbird to the Tattoo

Today the hummingbird tattoo meaning can be vastly different in each person and their tattoo.

This little bird has so many endearing traits that it is easy to see why it is fast becoming a popular selection at tattoo shops around the world.

Some of the more popular meanings of the hummingbird tattoo are that of being playful, possessing a high amount of energy, being able to be very agile, vitality, renewal, loyalty, passion, love, joy, and a very playful spirit.

In addition to all the positive attributes of the hummingbird, the design can be filled with a wide array of colors and highlights that will make each unique from another.

While many people depict the hummingbird in their tattoo either flying or sipping nectar, flowers are part of the tattoo that allow the wearer to express even more of their personality.

The hummingbird tattoo meaning is based in the spirit of this bird, but incorporating tribal and traditional aspects are becoming more popular each year.

Whether you are showing off your energetic side or your spunk, the hummingbird tattoo is the perfect design to express many of your unique qualities.

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