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30 Beautiful and Traditional Lily Flower Tattoos With Meanings


If you are a believer in traditional meanings related to tattoos, the lily flower is certainly for the spiritually advanced. The lily flower is representative of new mothers, especially those mothers-to-be who are both fertile and nurturing.

The lily flower can be drawn a number of ways and inked with some very colorful choices, looking stunning peaking out from under a shirt or hidden in a conspicuous place. If you are a fan of flowers that have significant meanings, check out all the associations to the lily flower tattoo. It doesn’t matter your age, sex, or beliefs, this unique flower has global appeal.

Association to Greek Lore

The lily flower carries significant meaning dating back to the days when the Greeks rules the world. It symbolized motherhood and birth and the flower itself was said to have been created from the breast milk of Hera. To follow the story line, Zeus wanted Hercules to be a God so he had him suckle the breast of his second wife Hera.

He asked Somnus, the God of sleep, the sedate Hera so Hercules could get milk from her bosom. He drank so vigorously however the milk overflowed and created the Milky Way and poured on to the Earth to create the lily flower.

Everything about the lily flower screams mother, power, and fertility, a reason many women closely relate to the unique design.

The Meanings of the Lily Today

The lily flower tattoo today has a wide array of meanings. It might come as a surprise to many that the flower does have masculine qualities too. The Greeks did associate the lily with sexuality and eroticism, the long lily pistol represents the phallus, the pollen being the fertility.

The lily today is a representation of birth, faith, hope, and a renewal. Those who associate deeper meanings to the lily consider themselves to be passionate, innocent, and loving. It can refer to a cleansing, remembrance, or transitioning.

The most popular color choice for the lily flower tattoo is white with purple shading, but any colors will suffice.

The Christian Lily Association

The lily does hold a very unique association with Christianity. Christians consider the lily to be a symbol of innocence, chastity, purity, and piety. The white lily is considered to be symbolic of the Madonna, or the Virgin Mary.

The significance to the Virgin Mary go much deeper than meets the eye. Starting at the stem, it symbolizes the faithful mind of the Madonna. The petals of the lily are significant with her virginity and purity.

The scent of this amazing flower is representative of her divinity, and the leaves her humility. Take the three pedals of the lily together and you have the holy trinity, which also symbolize faith, hope, and charity.

Old Wives Tale

If you are wondering why the lily has such a long association with children and motherhood, each religion seems to have a deep connection to the flower and fertility.

One of the oldest tales associated with the lily flower and motherhood has to do with being able to predict the birth of children using this amazing flower. The old wives take goes like this: you need to approach the expecting mother with the lily and a rose.

Place the flowers in separate hands and ask the expectant mother to choose one hand. If she chooses the hand holding the rose, she is going to have a girl. If she chooses the hand with a lily, then she is going to give birth to a boy.

Lily Esoteric Symbolism

Esoteric symbolism and the lily flower are unique in itself. The lily flower is symbolic of freedom, purity, progress, endless growth, and development. The lily appears in many Tarot cards and is symbolic of the language of the Tarot.

The lily represents vulnerability, freedom to be ourselves, and allowing others to be as they are. The lily is symbolic of health and provision, growth, development, and innocence in our lives. The lily can indicate new relationships or births.

Whether you are a mother who is wanting to ink herself with a reminder of her children or you are memorializing a loved one who has passed, the beauty of this flower is appealing to most. It has the ability to be a standalone tattoo design or works well with other flowers or symbols.

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