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Plant Tattoo Meaning – Tattoo With Organic Touch

Plants are some of the most beautiful parts of nature. They have been a source of inspiration for art throughout history. Because of their versatility, plants can be tattooed in any shape, size or form making it easy to adorn your body according to how it curves.

Plants are known for being rooted to the ground, for growing and for surviving. Plant tattoos can be a simple case of green leaves or vines and can become more elaborate with bulbs and flowers of different colours. They are always in style and never look bad. They are probably the safest tattoo you can get in case you are worried of growing bored of your tattoo or being out of fashion.

Both Celtic and Maori cultures are known for their admiration of nature and use of vine, fern and leaf tattoos in their art. They are placed as armbands or around the legs. These cultures knew the importance of nature, respected it and used tribal and Celtic tattoo designs to show their respect for it.

In ancient Asia, many tattoo designs feature nature and plants. The Japanese are known for creating much larger tattoo designs that take over the whole leg, arm, back or shoulders. Plant tattoos were used to frame and complete a work that featured other symbols such as Dragons, Samurai, Geishas and Koi fish.

Plant Tattoos Reach for the Sky

Plant Tattoo On Woman

Plants are known for their photosynthesis – which means that they take sunlight and turn it into energy. If you look at a plant, you will see that it will always grow towards the light. People who get plant tattoos may want to show that no matter what the obstacle, they will fight and grow towards the light and reach they sky.

Growing towards the sky can mean that a person has dreams and goals that they need to reach. It can also mean that the person who has the tattoo has been through personal growth and developed their character.

Plant Tattoos for Stability and Security

Have you ever given a plant as a present instead of flowers? Flowers, which can be bought individually, have a short lifespan and will never grow again because they have been cut from the source. Plants, on the other hand, can last a lifetime if taken care of and every month a new stem will grow.

Plants are known to be well-rooted to the ground and the strongest will survive throughout the coldest winters, hottest summers and bushiest of spaces. They are stable throughout all the challenges and when they survive you can rest assured that they will continue to grow which gives a sense of security.

A plant tattoo wearer may have chosen this symbol to represent their stability throughout life and endurance to stay alive and safe. Vine tattoos are perfect for this meaning.

Plant Tattoo On Leg Of A Girl

Plant Tattoos for Nature Lovers

Some get tattoos of plants simply because they love nature. Plants have a way of making people feel relaxed and in touch with the planet. They are an important source of life. Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide via their leaves.

Plant Tattoo On Hand Of A Girl

Living species need plants to live. They can be eaten or used as shelter by a variety of animals, insects, amphibians and humans. And let’s not forget that plants, as far as we know, cannot be found anywhere else in the universe except planet earth.

If you are a Gardner, Botanist or simply love plants, then a plant tattoo is one that you will never regret! Consider getting a pot and a plant cartoon or stick to a sketch style. You can even add gardening tools to make it more fun!

Plant Tattoo On Hand Of A Woman

Plant Tattoos are Classic

Many people get plant tattoos because they age well and will never go out of fashion. And there are so many designs to choose from. Plant tattoos are perfect for both men and women. They can go anywhere on the body and can easily be drawn according to the shape and the curves of the body.

Plant Tattoo On Body Of A Woman

Plant tattoos are mostly done in black and grey, but you can find many that are done in the trendy watercolor style that gives the plant tattoo a washed and illustrative feel. You can also opt for a small and simple lined plant tattoo that almost looks like a stamp.Tattooers can place a small plant on the body or suggest to their clients to get a large one.

Plant Tattoo On Woman

Deciding which Plant Tattoo

There are so many options for a plant tattoo. You can get vines, green leaves, ferns and maybe even a little tree. The most important thing is to select one that has meaning to you and that you will never grow tired of.

Next, you must find that perfect artist who will realize your plant tattoo the way you want it. Plant tattoos are a great way to explore shading or dotted techniques that will make your tattoo look like a work of art.

Have a look at some cool plant tattoos.

Plant Tattoo On Wrist Of A Girl
Plant Tattoo In Forearm of A Girl
Plant Tattoo On Thigh Of A Girl
Plant Tattoo On Hand Of A Woman
Plant Tattoo
Vine Plant Tattoo On Back and Shoulder Of A Woman
Vine Tattoo On Wrist Of A Man
Plant Tattoo On Girl
Plant Tattoo On Hand Of A Girl
Plant Tattoo On Hand Of A Woman
Plant Tattoo On Shoulder
Vine Plant Tattoo On Forearm Of A Boy
Plant Tattoo On Thigh Of A Woman
Plant Tattoo On Forearm Of A Girl
Vine Plant Tattoo On Ankle Of A Girl
Agave Plant Tattoo
Leaves Tattoo On Hand
Plant Tattoo On Hand Of A Woman
Plant Tattoo
Plant Tattoo On Wrist Of A Girl
Plant Tattoo On Forearm Of A Girl
Plant Tattoo On Shoulder Of A Woman
Plant Tattoo On Wrist Of A Girl
Plant Tattoo On Forearm
Plant Tattoo On Hand Of A Woman
Plant Tattoo On Woman
Plant Tattoo On Ankle Of A Girl
Plant Tattoo On Hand Of A Girl
Vine Plant Tattoo On Wrist
Plant Tattoo On Shoulder Of A Woman

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