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23 Watercolor Tattoos Of Stunning and Unique Creativity


Make no mistake about it, when you see someone who has watercolor tattoos, you will not soon forget them. These designs are stunning, and the unique coloring makes it appear that the body is transformed into a canvas where the paint is still not dry even weeks or months after getting inked.

These vivid, bright, and diverse designs are becoming more popular each year, so it might be time to put some questions and concerns to rest before you get inked.

Here is everything you will need to know concerning watercolor tattoos:

How Long Do Watercolor Tattoos Last?

This is perhaps the most common concern when people are considering getting inked with the watercolors. The reason for the concern is those bright vibrant colors just appear too beautiful to retain the color forever.

Traditional tattoos with the black shading will last longer only because of the saturation of the ink, but even those need touching up 20,30, or more years from now. The same can be said about the watercolor tattoos.

Factors like sun exposure can diminish the vibrancy of the colors, but they still should last for many years without any additional work needed to be done. There are too many factors like skin elasticity, age, and ink saturation that come into play, these tattoos will last as long as traditional tattoos.

The Appeal of the Watercolors

One of the reason many body ink lovers are falling in love with the idea of getting inked with the watercolors is you have the ability to take your design to another level. Getting inked in the black outline to make the image look crisp is only complemented when you splash some bright colors to fill in those areas without staying in the lines.

The splashing effect, dripping down the page as if still wet, has a look that draws in the eye. The ink appears to be running or washing off the image, although both are permanently applied to the skin. People refer to the spontaneity of painting with water colors, not only it is subtle, it has personality.

These watercolor tattoos are no different that traditional tattoos in that the artist needs to use techniques like shades, fades, runs, splatters, bleeds, and blurs to pull off the illusion the job is done with watercolor paints.

The Meanings of Watercolor Tattoos

While the design itself of the watercolor tattoo can be just about anything, the meanings associated with this particular style ink says a lot about the wearer.

The person who chooses the watercolor tattoos is all about marching to the beat of their own drum, they like to think outside the box, and they have a personality that loves attention. These tattoos are all about being creative, wild, free-spirited, different, unique, and fun.

The vibrant colors used in these tattoos is meant to attract attention, and those getting inked with the watercolors aren’t afraid to be the center of attention, in fact, they crave it.

These watercolor tattoos can be as detailed and complex as you like, or as simplistic as one color dripping down the side of the drawing like a red teardrop. If you are shy about getting attention, you are going to be in for a huge rush of questions and stares when you show off your watercolor ink to the world.

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