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19 Eternal Tree of Life Tattoos and Their Unique Meanings


One of the most integral parts of every culture and society on earth is the tree of life. As long as the ancients have been telling tales, different cultures have been talking about how the tree of life connects them to the future and the past.

For many of the ancients societies, the tree of life is symbolic of immortality, renewal, and the foundation of the world. Compared to every other living thing on the planet the trees have gained reverence thanks to their huge stature. Even where trees do not reach monstrous heights, their low hanging fruits provide shade and fruits for sustaining life.

The Tree of Life Tattoos History

The most suitable design when considering the tree of life tattoos is the Celtic tree. This knotted tree is usually drawn in a circle, symbolic of the world. The branches of this tree reach up to the heavens and the roots reach the world below.

This tree represents for many people the bridge between heaven and earth, a reference to those who have passed and how those still living will eventually meet up again with the ones they love. The root structure of the tree of life tattoos creates an infinite loop, which represents infinity, never-ending, a love that survives the boundaries of time.

The tree tattoo is also symbolic of renewal for many, thriving in summer, fading in fall, dying in winter, the epitome of eternal time.

Christianity and Tree of Life

According to Christian beliefs, the tree of life signifies the beginning of all time. This tree of life for Christians represents what could have been if Adam and Eve did not eat that cursed fruit. Many people getting the tree of life tattoos will often have the serpent intertwined with the branches and holding an apple in its mouth.

There usually are no knots in this type tree, instead, it features swirling lines with leaves and usually apples. The deep connection to religion had wide appeal and represents for many strength in oneself, belief in a stronger presence, and a connection to those who have come before and with those here living today.

This tattoo can symbolize power, persistence, balance, durability, strength, and is usually the foundation for many other tattoos and symbols that can be drawn with the tree.

Tree of Life Tattoo Meaning

If you already are drawn to the tree of life design but want to make it more of your own and a reflection of your personality, there are some very unique ways to transform the image. It is easy to couple the tree of life with birds, they are symbolic of wealth, sustenance, and prosperity.

Others choose to incorporate the moon and the sun into the tree of life tattoos, representative of the passage of time and the heavens. By drawing the branches of the tree connecting with the sun and moon, it symbolizes renewal, rebirth, and a bridge for those alive to connect with those who have passed over to the other side, wherever that may be.

Just how the sun and the moon alternate their time in the sky, the leaves of the tree of life come and fall with the passage of time.

The basic idea behind the tree of life tattoos is that nothing on this earth is really permanent. Our life comes and goes quickly, our memories fade with time, but the world keeps turning long after we are gone.

Getting this permanent reminder of the tree of life on your body helps to ground some people to focus on making each day here on earth truly memorable. The tree of life tattoos afford those who need reminding that new life springs up after us, whether new foliage in Spring or the laughter of a newborn child.

These tattoos represent the notion of the ever-different, yet unchanging world.

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