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20 Heart and Key Tattoos with Unique Meanings


Looking for a tattoo design that really has deep and personal meaning, then the heart and key tattoo might be a perfect choice. This is one of those tattoo designs that can be worn by women and men, can be drawn in a variety of sizes, and looks great just about anywhere on the body. Coupled with other personal symbols, this unique tattoo design can be transformed to mean a number of things.

Protecting What’s Valuable

Most people consider their heart as the most important thing in their life. They guard their heart for a number of reasons, whether protecting it from a bad relationship, an abusive relationship, or the loss of the love of their life.

The heart and key tattoo are symbolic of a person locking up their heart so that they protect themselves from that pain again. The suffering will be a permanent reminder once inked on the body, but so will the idea that they are never going to be in that position again.

The key can be placed near the heart or on another part of the body to symbolize the challenges trying to get to this person’s heart.

Locking Up What Is Important

The heart and key tattoo can symbolize protecting something important or someone locking their heart away. This is the ideal tattoo design for a parent wanting to show the world how they feel about their child.

The child’s name can be inked on the heart or the key, symbolizing a one-of-a-kind love that will last forever. Getting a child’s name printed on the heart also represents protection, willing to die to make certain this child is safe. This unique bond of parent and child will never go away and these children are the only ones that have they key to open this person’s heart.

Others use the symbolism in the heart and key tattoo to represent their faith, their family, hiding away their secrets and protecting their privacy.

The Heart and Love

Chances are you have heard the saying about you owning the key to my heart. There are countless songs and poems about this subject, and the heart and key tattoo can be symbolic of the strong bond between two people.

Designing the heart into the shape of a padlock or making the end of the key in the shape of the heart are ways to personalize this popular tattoo. Some couples opt to get the heart, while the other gets the key, representing they are not whole until they are together.

This particular body ink art could represent a person who is still searching for the right person to come along. The tattoo can symbolize being locked up or protected, having an eternal love to someone who has passed, remembrance of a unique relationship, or showcasing how the heart is precious and belongs to the wearer alone.

One of the appealing features of the heart and key tattoo is that it can mean something unique for everyone. For some it is an expression of freedom, for others, it is seen as change, and some consider it to be a new beginning.

At the core, this type of body ink represents locking away feelings against unwanted intrusion.

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