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46 Geisha Tattoos – The Allure and Meanings

The traditional Geisha girls still exist in Japan today, except they go about their training on a voluntary basis as opposed to being forced like centuries ago. While performances today are mostly reserved for the tourists, these girls still exemplify tradition and all the attributes that go into becoming one of the elites in the land.

These women are easy to recognize, face painted in white, bright red lipstick, ornate black wig, and a beautifully decorated kimono. These women are so popular these days that many body ink lovers get the Geisha tattoos because they appreciate all that goes into this incredible lifestyle.

Dedicated for Life

One of the reasons body ink lovers are simply drawn to the Geisha tattoos is due to the dedication and long-term commitment it takes to become a true Geisha. These young girls go through many years of extensive training in order to learn traditional music, dance, poetry, calligraphy, flower arranging, and the correct way to serve drinks.

The dedication goes on for long periods of time until the Geisha is considered ready, and only then will she be allowed to mingle with clients who expect her to listen and sometimes engage intelligently with conversation.

The Geisha tattoos are symbolic of persistence, drive, commitment, determination, and a love for one’s craft.

The Secretive Side of the Geisha

The Geisha girl is required to listen to her clients and engage them, but she must abide by a code of honor that restricts her from every speaking what she has heard.

While the success of the Geisha depends on her beauty, skills, etiquette, and sophistication, she must also be able to keep secrets. For the Geisha tattoos, this can be something that the wearer also connects with.

They are drawn to the fact they are keeping secrets inside, whether it be that they are not going to show the world their true powers, or that they have a secretive side they will never reveal to anyone. The tattoo reminds the wearer of this cross they have chosen to bear for whatever reason.

The Meanings of the Geisha Tattoos

Tradition says that the word Geisha means a person of the arts, and this woman is literally a living work of art in human form. This figure is very popular with body ink lovers because of all the unique meanings associated with these girls.

For some, the Geisha tattoos are symbolic of intrigue, mystery, and dedication. Others look at the Geisha and feel for them it best represents beauty, love, and fertility.

These girls give up their lives to commit to the way of the Geisha, being taken from their homes, families, and way of life, to work hard and study for the rest of their lives to perfect the art of the Geisha.

Make no mistake about it, the drive that it takes to become a Geisha is rare, and for that, it has become something body ink lovers connect with on a higher level.

It does take some degree of dedication and commitment to get a tattoo that will stay with you for your entire life, and like the Geisha, many feel they are true walking works of art right here on Earth in human form too. The Geisha’s feminine allure, her mystique, her passion, all rare in this world but something many aspire to be.

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