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Tattoo Meanings And Ideas

16 Scorpion Tattoos With Their Meanings Explained

Scorpion Tattoos

Considered one of the most fearsome of all insects, this little poisonous scorpion has connections to ancient religions and cultures. The popularity of the scorpion in tattoos is growing because they possess attributes that many people find express their own unique personality. The scorpion predates humans by millions of years, giving it the ability to […]

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15 Hummingbird Tattoos and Their Unique Meanings

Hummingbird Tattoos

A spring garden just would not be complete without the soft whisper of the hummingbird fluttering by. These little birds are capable of moving their tiny wings eight times per second, often associated with being a passionate and energetic creature. The hummingbird is regarded in many different cultures as representing prosperity and life, part of […]

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18 Anchor Tattoos and Their Distinct Meaning

Anchor Tattoos

The anchor has been in existence for over 4000 years, and in that time it has been utilized in tattoos dating back to when Christians were actually persecuted because of their beliefs. The anchor tattoo was used to disguise any affiliation with Christianity, helping many to circumvent persecution and continue living freely without being punished. […]

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15 Owl Tattoo With Positive Meanings

Owl Tattoo

Of all the popular tattoo concepts, the owl might have the most mysterious of them all. The owl tattoo is considered to be popular for both women and men because it is both stylish and has significant symbolism connected with it. Depending on the meaning you attach to your owl tattoo, the connotations can be […]

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Octopus Tattoos and Their Deceptive Meanings

Octopus tattoo

One of the reasons the octopus tattoo is such a popular design for many people is because the beautiful possibilities are endless. The attributes that are associated with the octopus are both diverse and interesting to say the least, making this aquatic creature, similar to the pisces tattoos,  a popular choice for those looking to […]

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