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35 Aquarius Tattoos and Their Unique Meanings

The zodiac sign of Aquarius represents the water carrier and is for those born between January 21 thru February 19. People who are born under this sign tend to be loyal, honest, and friendly.

The Aquarius tattoos allow these folks to show off their sign with pride while revealing a little of their inventiveness, originality, and humanitarian personality.

One thing about those born under this sign, they have weaknesses that balance off those strengths, like unpredictability, emotional detachment, and perversity. Now some may argue these too can be strong suits, get to know the Aquarius better to discover for yourself.

Due to the New Age popularity of the Aquarius tattoos, let us break down some of the most common designs currently being used as the body in drawings.

1. Basic Design

The simplest Aquarian zodiac sign symbol is the wavy double lines. This water bearer symbol is the easiest way to show you are an Aquarian.

Crisp line edges are utilized to depict the strength, power, dominance, and control. This is one of those designs that says so much with so little.

2. The Blue Waves

One unique way to put a modern twist on the basic wavy lines is making them blue and appear like ocean waves. The color of the Aquarius is usually blue and it symbolizes water.

This is representative of the Aquarius being able to adjust to circumstances, similar to how water flows.

3. The Abstract

Tattoo artists today have found some very unique ways to think outside the box when it comes to the Aquarius tattoos while still maintaining the basic concept.

A very abstract variation of the typical Aquarius symbol is best suited on one’s forearm, wrist or ankle. Making the abstract symbols glossy tends to look very classy.

4. The Constellation

For those who want to get inked but want the image to be more concealed and secretive, getting the Aquarius constellation allows the wearer to still enjoy all the symbolism of this sign without anyone understanding what it really means.

5. Less is More

One way to get the most out of little is getting the Aquarius tattoos drawn as two simple even lines. Similar to that of an equals sign, this is one tattoo that can be easily concealed, but still screams power, passion, drive, originality, and creativity.

6. Good Luck

By incorporating both the water signs and Chinese symbols, you get double the power in your tattoo because now you can incorporate the symbols for good luck in Chinese astrology.

This tattoo represents good luck, joy, and love.

7. The Female

One of the most common and popular of the Aquarius tattoos is having a beautiful girl drawn holding the ceramic jar where water flows out in a steady stream.

8. Bold Words

When all else is said and done, the best way to show the world your sign is to have the word Aquarius drawn in a script font anywhere on the body.

This is the best way of showing you are an Aquarian, there really is no better sophistication than simplicity.

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