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The Origin and Meanings of the Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Having bad dreams at night? Remember being told that if you place a dreamcatcher in the room it will attract only good dreams while shielding you from nightmares.

Now you can incorporate that unique idea into your skin art with colorful dreamcatcher tattoos.

One reason the popularity of this design is increasing each year is people have found they can incorporate the dreamcatcher with other symbols, like arrowheads, crystals, beads (beads tattoo designs), animals, or birds, something they have an even deeper connection with.

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The Origins of the Dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher origins can be traced back to Native American Culture when the Anishinabe people first created it.

These tribes resided along the border of the Northern United States and Canada.

According to the Anishinabe, a spider woman would travel around the world, visiting the cradles of newborn babies, and she had the power to then weave magical webs above the cradle, which protected the infants from having bad dreams, but allowing nice ones to enter their minds.

The dreamcatchers were designed by the tribes and placed with their babies to keep them safe at night.

The feathers and beads were placed in and around it to keep the babies entertained as they drifted off to sleep.

The Variety of the Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Today the dreamcatcher tattoo is a popular choice for those who want to shield themselves from potential danger.

This unique design can take many shapes, sizes, and forms, but the basic starting point is the hoop with loose strings that form a hole in the middle, with feathers and beads hanging from the webbing.

Many people incorporate their bad dreams into the skin art design, putting the representation of an addiction or nightmare into the webbing where it will be permanently trapped.

Giving the addiction a physical representation in the webbing keeps it trapped forever from being a part of this person life.

Meanings of the Dreamcatcher in a Tattoo

The variety of different ways to design the dreamcatcher in a tattoo is endless. Many popular representations start with the feathers, originally placed to entertain the baby, they can today be a symbol of air and breath, the essentials of life, while also creating a smooth guide for the good to travel down into the mind of that person.

Different type feathers can represent wisdom, courage, or strength. Colorful gems are a symbol of our creator or the four original directions we all must travel in life.

Colorful feathers and beads draw in attention and keep the person focused on attracting the good through the webbing while trapping bad thoughts, dreams, and circumstances.

While the dreamcatcher is rich in Native American history, many people today have this connection with their heritage and utilize this symbol to portray their faith and admiration for their ancestors just like Indian tattoo designs.

Other people see this powerful symbol as a protector to help keep evil and negative energies from entering their life.

The more elaborate and intricate the webbing of the dreamcatcher, the better this person is protected from the bad around them while at the same time allowing more joy to enter their minds.

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