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26 Demonic Tattoos – Do You Believe In Their Meanings?

Although typically the devil represents evil, with demonic tattoos there are several underlying meanings that really connect with people.

These demons can be depicted in a variety of forms, luring, manipulating, and tempting people to do things that are immoral or sinful.

These demonic deeds represent self-satisfying and self-indulgent acts that have a very strong appeal to people who are attracted to this type activity.

While in Western culture, the demon represents the ruler of the underworld, it is his beliefs and his unwavering stance against certain things that make this a fun and thrilling tattoo design.

Connection to Folklore and Tradition

The demonic tattoos can be as varied as the folklore associated with them, just like scary raven tattoos and evil clown tattoos.

Although the stereotypical demon is reddish in color, with horns, a pitchfork, and a long tail, he can resemble just about any figure with a connection to the underworld. Great example is grim reaper design.

Many people love the appeal of temptation, distinguishing the demon as a suave and handsome many with demonic features to lure those weak souls around him.

A well-groomed and smart dressing demon represents the ability to conform with the world while hiding just below the surface.

Having to fit into societies version of normal while clinging to the naughty deeds of the devil himself are revealed in the size and features of the devil.

Religious Meaning of the Devil

The devil has long been considered the evil twin to all that is good in Christianity. The devil is the complete opposite of goodness and divinity.

Although the depiction of demonic tattoos can be interpreted to undermining all that is good with the world, it does have quite the opposite intent.

The world today is full of evil disguised to fool the population, and demonic images bring to light the evil within us all to a degree.

These tattoos are not a reference to devil worship, innate evil, or satanic rituals like meanings of oni mask tattoos, they are in fact an expression of the unwavering fight to stand for beliefs that are not in the popular mainstream thoughts.

The Demon and the Angel

Many demonic tattoos depict images of a beautiful angel being taken down or tempted by a demon. These tattoos are to imply an impish or naughty nature.

Having been walking the straight and narrow their entire life, perhaps a person has slid over to the other side with relation to being a little devilish in bed, with friends, or the way they look at life.

The tattoo represents letting go of purity and allowing more fun and mischief in their life.

Perhaps a person has gone through difficult times like battling an addiction, and the tattoo can represent leaving the demon behind and being saved by the angel.

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The demonic tattoos can be a representation of a period in a persons life where they were involved in self-indulgent behavior, and now want a permanent reminder to represent they are no longer vulnerable to temptation.

The Admission of Guilt

Similar to the yin-yang tattoo, the demonic tattoos can represent a balance of both good and evil in one’s life.

The demon can represent the bad actions a person has done and could also imply that we all have these little demons of temptation in our lives that we can not simply ignore.

Representing neither good or evil, the demon encompasses both qualities and reveals the struggles we all feel in our everyday endeavors.

The demonic tattoo is a personal choice that can be associated with strength, love, addiction, fear, power, and the unwillingness to conform.

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