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28 Yin Yang Tattoos With Opposing Meanings


Make no mistake about it, you instantly recognize the black and white Yin Yang symbols when you see them. They are globally recognized for meaning two opposites working together, opposing forces, and harmonic balance.

Although this ancient symbol has deep ties to Chinese culture, body ink lovers have come up with very creative ways to transform the symbol into works of art on their bodies.

The Chinese Yin-Yang symbols is the perfect representation of balance, stemming from the Chinese concept that opposites interacting and supposedly seed of all things. Evil results from an imbalance within the Yin and Yang, good comes from both being in harmonic balance.

The Properties of Yin Yang Balance

Although most people quickly associate the little black and white Yin Yang symbol with harmony and balance, leave it to the tattoo artists and their fans to come with unique ways to display the symbols.

So where the Yin is to the Yang in corresponding energies, so is the dark to light, matter to spirit, male to female, passive to active, tiger to dragon, up to down, north to south, shade to sunlight, valley to mountain, cold to hot, life to death, and moon to sun.

Each one of these and more can be utilized in the Yin Yang tattoos to show a deep connection for the ink wearer and how they are in balance with both opposing forces.

The Meaning of the Yin Yang

While most quickly associate the Yin Yang tattoos with a balance of sorts, the deeper meaning is what draws in so much attention to this ancient symbol. In Chinese culture, the Yang is associated with the word sunny, and so all activities that correspond with day time active functions.

The Yin means shady and is reflective of functions that are less active and take place during the night hours. For those who work better in the day, they know they need the night to recharge, yet those who work well at night see the light as a period of rest and recharging. Depending how you look at the Yin Yang tattoos, both sides can not work in harmony without the other.

The Yin Yang Tattoo Meanings

Due to all the different associations of the Yin Yang energy that we discussed earlier, stands to reason why there are so many different symbols associated with this Chinese design. Here are some of the most popular Yin Yang tattoos.

The Classic Yin Yang

The most popular and most recognized of all Yin Yang tattoos are the swirling white and black symbol that represents complementary but opposing forces that is found in the entire universe working together in harmony. This common depiction of the Yin Yang is an outline for the balance needed in all things.

The Yin Yang & Lotus

A unique twist on the popular black and white swirling Yin Yang symbol is enclosing it in the legendary Lotus. This combination symbolizes extreme power and balance, as the Lotus is globally recognized as the holy seat for Buddha.

In Chinese culture, this symbol is the ultimate in perfection and purity. For the wearer, it makes the perfect focal point for the harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

The Powerful Eye

Incorporating the traditional Yin Yang symbol in an eye gives it even more of a powerful meaning. This artistic creativity enhances the balance within a person, both externally and internally. It represents a vision for balance in peace in themselves and the world they live in.

The Yin Yang Heart

One of the most creative ways to show off the Yin Yang tattoos is by placing them inside a heart. This takes on a new association for the wearer, someone who is not only in tune with their physical body and their mind, but they have mastered the art of love.

They have a deep connection with their partner, children, parents, friends, and the world as a whole. This unique tattoo design is a reminder to the wearer that love is one of the dearest and truest of all virtues.

Now you have a better understanding as to the meanings behind many of the creative Yin Yang tattoos out there today. Make no mistake about it, these easily recognized symbols represent a balance within that can now permanently remind you of how in harmony you are today.

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