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The Allure and Appeal of the Sexy Breast Tattoos

Make no mistake about it, one of the sexiest places to get inked is on the breasts. Now while men have gotten tattoos on their chests, the appeal, pain, and look of tattoos on the female breast simply does not compare.

So to clear any confusion, today we are focusing exclusively on the female breast and appeal and allure of getting inked there.

Breast Tattoo Gallery

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With more girls and women choosing this part of the body to get their first tattoo, we thought we would take the time to cover everything from the appeal, the pain, and the longevity of the breast tattoos.

Expression of Your Individuality

One reason the breast tattoos are extremely popular with the ladies right now is because it is a unique combination of personal preference in design with the unique size and shape of the female breasts.

No two designs will ever be identical, just like no two breasts are the same, and that combination makes it near impossible for any unsuspecting guy to keep his wandering eyes away from that region of her body.

Simply put, the breast tattoos help make the female body even hotter than it already is. This is a part of the body where any type tattoo looks great, and the more that is revealed the better.

What Are Some Popular Breast Tattoos?

Not only are there some popular breast tattoo designs, they also can be altered to create a limitless amount of varieties.

Whether you want the entire breast covered, just the tops, or in between, the most popular breast tattoos today tend to be floral, tribal, butterflies, hearts (open heart tattoo designs), and mandala designs.

That being said, the larger the breasts, the larger the pallet, the bigger the design can be expanded upon.

Some women take a simple butterfly design and incorporate floral and tribal patterns that draw in the eye like a bee to honey.

Because of the two breasts, other popular designs incorporate things in double, like angel wings, butterfly wings, moon and stars, and two hearts.

Will Getting Breast Tattoos Hurt?

Whether this is tattoo number one or the tenth tattoo you are going to be getting, having a tattoo needle pump black tattoo ink into the skin is like sticking your severe sunburn with a hot branding iron.

Needless to say, getting a tattoo hurts. But with that pain, comes a sense of accomplishment in knowing once it is done it is done.

So some time in the tattoo artists chair is well worth this permanent expression on your body. Now, women already know how sensitive their breasts are, so there is going to be pain involved for sure.

That being said, there are many variables that come into play concerning the severity of the pain. 

The size of the breasts, the pain threshold, the size of the tattoo, and the closeness to the nipple, all can affect the pain you feel.

The closer to the menstrual cycle, the more sensitive that area can be too. If you are looking for a way to lower pain from tattooing, be sure to use tattoo numbing cream.

The Concealment of Breast Tattoos

One reason many women choose the breast for their tattoo is that this is an area that they show to only a select audience.

This means she can choose a design that means something very near to her heart without the need to show it off to the world.

Even the most elaborate breast tattoos that climb to the region above the breasts can easily be concealed with the right top.

If only the breast is tattooed, no one in the work environment will ever see it under a top and bra.

If she does have large breasts and wants the world to see her beautiful artwork, low-cut tops, v-necks, and bikinis can reveal just enough to have every able-bodied guy in a three-mile radius come running.

The Longevity of the Breast Tattoos

One thing that every lady must consider when deciding upon a breast tattoo is the longevity of the design on this particular region of the skin.

The skin around the breast does change considerably with age. The larger the breasts, the more stretching can be expected with age or weight loss or gain.

Women with small firm breasts can maintain their figure for many years without concern, but larger breasts do begin to sag, stretch, and change in appearance.

The larger the breasts, the smaller the tattoo, the less concern for the image transforming with age.

This is another reason why breast tattoos are gaining in popularity, that skin is tighter and less likely to stretch. If you already have the bug about getting inked on your breasts, no one will be able to talk you out of it at this point.

Embrace the design, show off your creative side, and have fun with your breast tattoos.

One thing is for sure, the guys in your inner circle will be dreaming about getting their hands all over that tattoo if they had the chance. So have fun with it!

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