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Water Fountain Tattoo Meaning – Tattoos That Flow

If you are looking for a unique tattoo that not many people have, a water fountain may be your top choice. The water fountain has different meanings throughout history till the present day and we will go through each of them.

Since their creation fountains have fascinated us. Humans have controlled an important element of life – water and any city or home with one represented high status. The ability to provide water is like an act of the gods. Today, this symbolism has not changed very much from its ancient roots.

These hydraulic units were of special importance for ancient people, Asian and Mediterranean civilizations. Both the rich and the poor needed water and looked for it.

Water Fountains And Feng Shui

Some people get a water fountain tattoo because of their fascination with Feng Shui, an ancient form of interior design that affects the energy flow of whichever room a person is in.

A water fountain, small or large is an excellent symbol people can use inside or outside your home. Moving water symbolizes the flow of life towards you. Fountains are very popular in feng shui because they can add the energy of the water element.

In feng shui, water can symbolize wealth and prosperity. It is a powerful element because of its ability to change from a liquid form to solid to gas. Every living thing on earth relies on water for life.

A water fountain tattoo can represent the wearer’s fascination of the importance water, and man’s access to it for a healthy and prosperous life.

Water Fountains In Dreams

Another reason why one would get a water fountain tattoo is the connection with dreams. A fountain symbolizes the access to the most hidden feelings and emotions of the wearer of the tattoo.

There are a few water fountain dream interpretations that a tattoo wearer might connect to:

  • Broken fountain – Something is wrong with the fountain to the tattoo wearer. The water can not be reached. The individual getting the tattoo may be facing his or her inability to come up with talents and qualities or their quest to discover them.
  • Water-filled wells – This tattoo indicates the fullness of life and encourages the tattoo wearer to reach their goals and plans. 
  • Drinking from the fountain – Symbolizing the relationship with other people, clear water that you can trust your friend or partner while cloudy and dirty water warns of deceit and disappointment.

Water Fountain Tattoo Designs

When we look at examples of water tattoos, we see many interpretations and compositions. The traditional aqueduct and water fountain is for those fascinated by engineering and social development.

The fountain of fair fortune tattoo is another popular one that has come up from J.K Rowling’s fans and her book “The Tales of Beedle the Bard”. Some people add fairies to either side adding the element of fantasy to the tattoo.

Another popular water fountain tattoo design is an ancient fountain in grey, with water pouring out surrounded by green representing nature or the jungle.

Surreal water fountain tattoo designs take elements from mayan art and incorporate them with the fountain. This represents the power and sacredness of water in ancient time.

Water Fountain Tattoo Styles

When making a water tattoo, there are a couple of options. You can stick to a traditional style, black and white outline. Take inspiration from greek and roman ruins, or mayan temples. You can also modernise the fountain by making your tattoo watercolor or geometric.

Water fountains are an important symbol in society and is now making a comeback. Water is an element of the planet and man has mastered it. Yet, once again it becomes a topic for people as water is not so easily found everywhere and not free.

Have a look at some water fountain tattoos.

Water Fountain Tattoo
Water Fountain Tattoo On Angels
Water Fountain Tattoo On Side

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