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Tattoos That Symbolize a New Beginning

Tattoos play an essential role in many people’s life; every tattoo has a certain meaning or significance. Tattoos represent honor or memory of special events, like symbolizing struggles and obstacles, a relationship, birth, or difficulty that someone is overcoming. Tattoos can be reminders, goals, dreams, and motivation for a new beginning, communication of messages and quotes, or representation of the memory of your loved ones or a belief.

Tattoo that means a new beginning symbolizes that you are looking forward to changing your lifestyle or you are rising. You can also use these tattoos to express that you are thinking of new beginnings after a breakup or a divorce that has broken your heart. This represents positivity and symbolizes that you are ready to move on in life, forgetting dark times behind.

1. Lotus

When we talk about flowers and their representation, the lotus symbolizes estranged love and a new beginning. You will find mentions of the lotus flower in the Bible and other religions. You might have even heard about this flower in legendary stories or mythology. According to some people, the lotus is God’s flower. You can also see lotus designs in some religious tattoos. People, who believe in symbols and meanings of designs, consider the lotus as a symbol of a new beginning and a sign of rebirth. We sometimes feel exhausted from our lives, people around us, or habits, etc., and need a change. These changes are rebirth to you symbolized by lotus tattoo.

Lotus Tattoo On Back Of A Woman

2. Phases of the Moon

A moon has a new beginning every month, reminding that everything is a phase and things will change. Many people follow the lunar cycles of the moon and align their intentions with new phases. The different phases of the moon are the perfect reminder that everything is just a phase. Every stage of the moon has its meaning. The waning moon represents letting go or release. A new moon symbolizes rebirth, a fresh start or a new beginning. Waxing moon means manifestation, attainment, and growth. A full moon represents the peak, height of power, and obtainment of desire. You can get a tattoo of any phase of the moon that holds significance for you.

Moon phase tattoos with meanings

3. Phoenix on Fire

This tattoo is the most symbolic and popular tattoo. The Phoenix is on fire representing the rebirth and rising from the ashes portraying the past. Maybe the person willing to wear this tattoo has some experience that he wants to forget and spark a rebirth. This tattoo is perfect for the people who are overcoming any struggle or want motivation for their new beginning.

This design covers a bigger area, and your back can be an ideal spot for this tattoo. Phoenix is ultimately a sign of new beginnings, as some people consider that when Phoenix is old, it burns itself into ashes and then take rebirth from those ashes. This bird is magical and mystical and has a really powerful meaning for those facing the challenges of life.

Phoenix Tattoo On Back

4. Butterfly

There are many meanings of a butterfly tattoo. This insect has great spiritual importance all around the world. The butterfly tattoo has the same meanings as of dragonfly tattoo. Both of these insects represent transformation. Their conversion from land creatures into flying insects symbolizes a new beginning. Butterfly tattoo also represents change, life, independence, and adjustment. It requires dreams and hopes to develop a new beginning. The butterfly tattoo is a reminder that you should hope and wish for the best.

Butterfly Tattoo On Hand.

5. Sun and Bee

Bees are a soulful insect, and they always return to their homes, no matter how far they go. Sometimes bees are thrown out of their path, but they still trackback their way at the end of the day. And the sun itself is a symbol of new beginning and hope. Every day the sun comes out and spreads light around the world. If a person needs motivation or wants to represent a new beginning in life, they must wear this tattoo. Wearing a sun also means energy, courage, knowledge, and vitality. On the other hand, bee tattoo represents loyalty and courage other than a new start.

Sun And Bee Tattoo On Leg

6. Crescent Moon or New Beginning Moon

Same as the sun, the moon has a new beginning every month. The phases change and then start again. If you want to symbolize a new beginning with a moon, you can adorn this tattoo. If you have been through a significant problem in life, and you want to move and shift the direction of your life, a new beginning moon or crescent moon tattoo will motivate you.

Crescent moon tattoos with meanings

7. Koru

Koru tattoo represents growth, regeneration, and new beginnings. If we talk about its symbolism, the tattoo also represents fern frond, which you can find in native bushes of New Zealand. According to one of the Maori proverb, it means that if one fern frond is dead, another one is born at its place. Thus, a koru tattoo will motivate you to move on in life.

Koru Maori Tattoo On Hand

8. Enso Circle

This tattoo symbolizes enlightenment, strength, the universe, infinity, elegance, and the void. This drawing or tattoo is considered to be an expression of the movement. The meaning of this tattoo is very powerful and is a straightforward and clean one. The image of enso, when tattooed, represents the freeness of mind that the movement of the body and spirit has created.

Enso Circle Watercolor Tattoo On Hand

9. Whānautanga

Whānautanga is a symbol that represents love, family, harmony, growth, and a new beginning. There are two versions of this tattoo. The first one represents the connection of two lives giving birth to a new one. That new life becomes the center point of both the people that are giving birth. The fish and hook in this tattoo symbolize prosperity and wealth. The second one is a turtle-shaped with patterns of waves and tides, which represent family, protection, and change. So, if you are a family person, then this tattoo is perfect for you.

Whānautanga Tattoo On Leg

10. Seed to Flower

This tattoo has three elements representing a conversion from a seed to a complete flower. Seed to flower tattoo is a beautiful depiction of nature. Everybody knows that seed gives a new life to a flower, and then that flower releases seeds that again follow the cycle. It symbolizes a new beginning, change, beauty, and growth.

Seed And Flower Tattoo On Hand


You can see from the above tattoos, how well different designs symbolize the new beginnings and growth in life. If your life is taking a new turn, and you are looking for motivation in the new journey, you can choose a tattoo from the above options. All these will remind you and represent that you have moved on to a new life and now looking forward to positivity.

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