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20 Amazing Paw Print Tattoos With Deep Connection


Make no mistake about it, people certainly have a deep connection with their pets, or animals in general. There are people on this planet who actually care more for the welfare of animals than humans, and for good reason.

If you have a deep connection with a pet today or in the past, a paw print tattoo could be the perfect choice for you.

Not only are these designs simple to create, they are universally recognized. Whether you are looking to portray a certain animal trait or a connection to a family pet, the paw print tattoo could be right for you.

The Memory of a Lost Friend

Losing a family pet can be one of the most challenging emotional experiences you will ever encounter.

The memories of that furry friend can last a lifetime, and today the best way to keep those memories alive is by having yourself inked with the paw print tattoo.

It doesn’t matter if you owned a dog, cat, rabbit, or lizard, inking your body with their footprint is a permanent reminder of the way they touched your life. The beauty of getting the smaller paw print designs is that you are not limiting yourself to just one pet.

In our lifetime, many of us own several furry friends that each touched us in different ways. The paw print tattoo is a way to keep that bond alive for as long as you live.

The Living Art Tattoo

One of the most unique features of the paw print tattoo is that is can be an actual representation of the animal in question.

For example, you have a dog that is a huge part of your family but is getting up there in age and showing signs they may not be a part of the family for much longer.

Place the actual paw print of your furry friend in paint, then gently place on paper to get an actual life-sized copy.

If the day comes when you are your furry friend need to go their separate ways, you bring the paper to the tattoo artist and they will be able to create an exact copy on your body wherever you choose and with gold tattoo ink or any other tattoo ink that you desire.

You can try to make your own tattoo design, but for that you will need tattoo practice skin or even tattoo starter kit.

If you have a smaller pet like a kitten or ferret, the one copy can be used to make several footprints running along your body instead of just one memorializing your lost friend.

The Characteristics of The Paw Print

Rather than using the paw print tattoo to symbolize a lost pet, it could be that you have some of the same amazing characteristics of the animal in question.

Perhaps you feel as ferocious as a tiger or you want to someday be as strong as a lion. In Native American cultures around the world, many animals depicted in their totems had paws and were the ideal choice for their tattoos.

The wolf tattoo in particular is quite common in those societies to represent courage, strength, and being a fierce fighter. The symbol of the wolf paw print is often seen as a connection to the afterlife, protective parents, and expressive animals.

Paw Print Tattoo Meanings

There are a number of unique associations that connection someone with the paw print, most easily recognized of that being the loss of a pet.

Moving forward, the paw print tattoos can symbolize the moving forward after a loss, whether family or pet, or someone of the bear culture, a reference to gay communities worldwide.

The paw print can represent ferocity, strength, power, pride, cunning, and the ability to protect those in the pride. Children and parents are generally depicted through the paw print tattoo to connect the family forever.

Now you have a better understanding of what the paw print tattoo means and how it is viewed by those in the know.

Placing the paw print on your body can indicate to the world that you are moving forward, that you have embraced change, and you are walking towards reaching your goals in life.

Placing a paw print tattoo is a creative way to show the world you are leaving a certain pain behind and are focused on only good things coming to you in the near future. When it comes to paw print tattoo designs, you can see that the possibilities are literally limitless.

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