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Important Meanings Behind the Hourglass Tattoo

The hourglass tattoo carries with it very unique meanings depending on the situation and the person, but one underlying theme that seems to be common in them all is the inevitability of time.

Time plays a very important role in our lives, whether we are trying to outrun it, cope with it, or conquering it.

The harsh reality for many people is this, there is nothing you can do about time because there really is only time.

The gloom of not enough time or the joy of a changing future allow the hourglass tattoo to be both positive and negative at the same time, depending on which portion contains the most sand.

Hour Glass Tattoo Design Ideas.

Time Represented as a Sentence

For many people who choose the hourglass tattoo as their skin art, the symbol can signify a number of things.

For those who have had trouble in the past and must live out their days paying for their indiscretions, the hourglass tattoo symbolizes a marker of the unchangeable future ahead.

If you are in a particular point in your life where you are going to be waiting for the next phase to unfold, then this tattoo is a good reminder that this too shall pass in time.

Like the sands from the top to the bottom of the hourglass, the scenery will in fact change depending on how you want it to.

Symbolic Meanings of the Hourglass

The ancient alchemists held a very unique association to the hourglass. The top half of the hourglass was seen as the sky, where the bottom half was representative of earth.

The energy continues to pass from one to another and represents duality, balance, and the cycles of life that pass from the mundane to ethereal. Duality and balance are also key meanings for yin yang tattoos and libra scale tattoos.

These cycles are constant, and although they appear to be changing for the minute, in the end it has and always will be a delicate balance.

These cycles of balance also represent the unique connection of life to death and the inevitability that time will eventually run out for us all at one point so it is important to make the best of the time you have left in the top of the hourglass.

Truth That All Life Prevails

One of the most popular reasons for getting the hourglass tattoo is that it represents the cycles of our lives in the cosmos.

All life will eventually prevail with the passing of time, and today’s struggles are just grains of sand in the big picture.

The hourglass also symbolizes two triangles with tip-to-tip, whereas the male and the female are forever connected at one point.

This timeless connection can represent feeling towards a loved one who has passed, a soulmate, or the knowing that there is one male out there for one female, just like memorial tattoos.

Whether that person is just now coming into your life like the birth of a child, or you are patiently waiting to find the love of your life, the representation of time prevails.

The hourglass tattoo has a unique connection to the individual and can have a completely different meaning for two people.

In one representation, time is always on your side in all your endeavors. 

On the other, time can feel like the enemy, always one step behind and closing in on you.

The tattoo can be a permanent reminder to many that they still have plenty of time left to complete their journey through life.

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