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Unique Variations of the Footprint Tattoo


One of the most beloved and popular tattoo designs today is the footprint, it can immortalize your pet, help remember a loved one who has passed, or demonstrate where you have set foot in this world. In addition to those meanings, the design possibilities of the footprint tattoos are limitless.

These footprints can be completely personalized by adding unique text or phrases, from dates of birth, dates of passing, or religious quotes that have a personal connection to the wearer. These tattoo designs can be the actual size of a footprint or created as tiny or as large as you want them inked.

Before you make up your mind about getting footprint tattoos, consider some of the following detailed information on the different variations and meanings behind these creative tattoo designs.

Footprint Tattoo Meaning

The appeal of the footprint tattoos is that it allows for many different meanings and interpretations, depending on the person getting the body ink. A tattoo of a small child’s foot can celebrate the birth of a baby or memorialize the passing of the infant.

A foot symbolizes both purpose and strength and several feet moving across the body are representative of going on an endless journey. For those who have been battling an addiction or coming out of an abusive relationship, the walking footprints symbolize moving forward or moving on.

One thing is for sure, if you are thinking about having a footprint tattoo drawn from the shape of a real foot, you won’t have to be concerned about anyone having that exact tattoo.

Variations of the Footprint Tattoos

When we talk about a footprint, it does not always mean the footprint of a child or adult, these designs cover the spectrum of spirituality as well as animals too. Here are just a few creative ways that the footprint tattoos are being utilized in different body art today:

Baby Footprint Tattoos

Baby or child footprints are a unique way to mark a child’s birth or to remember a baby that has suddenly passed away. Parents find kids grow up fast, so footprint tattoos create permanent memories of when these kids were born or placed in your arms that first time.

Most hospitals do imprints of the baby’s foot when born, use this print as the template for your tattoo. Many people put the name of the baby and birth date with the tattoo. Put both baby’s prints near one another to create butterfly wings. If you lost a child, use the same idea to create angel’s wings.

Footprints Walking in the Sand

One of the footprint tattoos that is easy to customize is footprints walking in the sand. Footprints also have Christian connotations, reminding followers how their God is walking beside them. Footprints walking in the sand represent a person’s life journey or demonstrates moving forward after dealing with an addiction or moving on after an abusive relationship.

The footprints can symbolize for some that they want a reminder of where they have been and how if they just keep walking they can get to those goals they have in life. One step at a time, like the turtle, slow and steady, and anything is indeed possible.

Buddha’s Footprint Design

Whether you are practicing Buddhism or you simply love those teachings, a Buddha footprint carries with it very deep religious symbolic meanings. These footprint tattoos symbolize Buddha’s presence in all his teachings, a reminder he walked this earth too.

This is a unique way to keep Buddha on your mind and constantly reminding yourself that you need to follow his footsteps. Customize this design by incorporating his teachings into the tattoo, like placing a dharma wheel in the footprint to help keep you focused on practicing Buddhist tenets every day.

Pet Paw Print Tattoo

Technically not a footprint, tell that to people who adore their pets and want to create a permanent reminder on their bodies of their furry family members. Getting footprint tattoos of pet dogs or cats is a fun way to immortalize them.

One popular way to create a pet paw print tattoo is to put the pet’s name around the footprint, followed by a special message. Personalize the pet’s print by taking a copy of their paw yourself using some paint and paper, and that can be the foundation for the design.

For multiple pets, take all the prints and create little footprints all over your body, whether around your ankle, wrist, waist or in a creative pattern near your ear.

These fun and creative footprint tattoos are ideal for women or men and have a very special meaning for parents who have survived a difficult journey.

These footprint tattoos have the option to be personalized in numerous ways, great for reflecting an individual’s spirituality, past experiences, or the connections they have made throughout their life. Keep the footprint tattoos just out of sight to be a personal reminder or showcase them to the world on your wrist, ears, or arms.

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