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29 Buddha Tattoos and Their Vast and Spiritual Meanings

Before you can even consider getting inked with any variation of the Buddha tattoos, it is very important you first take the time to understand a little about Buddhism.

Perhaps the most widely used and the oldest religion on the planet, Buddhism has a long history that is comprised of many complex traditions and fundamentals.

Those who are interested in the Buddha tattoos do so for their devotion to a particular belief of Buddhism, their admiration towards one element of Buddhism, or they simply admire the Buddha itself.

The Laughing Buddha

When you see Buddha tattoos depicting him laughing with that big round belly, this may not be a depiction of one who has historically lived but of the reincarnation, or the next Buddha to be born.

Those who choose this particular type tattoo design do so because it symbolizes a separation of material goods, have a great sense of humor, and have a spiritual connection to the meditative mind.

While material things are essential in life, this person would be just fine sitting on their yoga mat indoors or on a park bench out in nature and just be meditating for the afternoon to cleanse the mind and attract more good feelings instead.

The Buddha Design

Not all Buddha tattoos are alike, in fact, they can be drawn with a variety of other elements that transform the meaning and allow the wearer to connect on a more spiritual level.

The meditating Buddha, for example, representative of a person who is in control, who can weather the outside forces because they know they have the power within, and thrive in the most adverse conditions.

Placing the Buddha in front of a Bodhi tree symbolizes the ultimate enlightenment, for this is where the Buddha himself achieved it himself. Placing lotus flowers in the design is representative of following the path to spiritual development.

It means how the soul progresses through temporary care in the material world, to eventually reach that transcendent state.

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Details of the Buddha Tattoo

While some like to have the entire Buddha drawn on their body, others prefer just the head or face surrounded by other elements.

The head only in tattoos is symbolic of the chakra, or mental functions, and considered for many the most spiritual part of the Buddha. To stay aligned with tradition, the head is usually drawn in gray, surrounded by either water, clouds, or lotus flowers.

These tattoo designs can represent for some happiness, enlightenment, being carefree, having positive values, enriching beliefs, willingness to help others, and the need to constantly be improving.

Today, the reason people get inked with the Buddha tattoos can be because they have seen the light or they are grateful for getting through a challenging part of their lives.

Those who have discovered the power of meditation often utilize this tattoo design to remind them to stay the course, to travel the road less traveled, to work hard to be better each day and to try and enrich the lives of others in any way possible. This particular tattoo design is packed with many layers of complex meanings and connotations.

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