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26 World Map Tattoos With Releasing and Wandering Meanings


Make no mistake about it, they are not going to be any more real estate added to this planet any time soon. When you get inked with the world map tattoos, that is the same image future generations are going to refer to about the world you live in today.

These tattoo designs inspire people in different ways, and those who can not keep their feet in the same location for too long certainly have a deeper connection with the world and their wandering spirit.

Each year technology changes the way we travel, and the faster we can reach other parts of the world, the smaller the planet feels. This map can help keep the world in some sort of perspective for some:

That Inner Travel Bug

World maps are not only exciting to look at, they conjure up all sorts of adventurous feelings when you are contemplating your next exotic journey or vacation. For some, they are not at home unless they are traveling to a distant airport and experiencing all that culture has to offer.

When these wandering spirits get inked, they choose the world map tattoos outlined only in the black ink, and they slowly color in each part of the world that they have visited along the way. This work-in-progress ink design inspires and drives many to always have their eyes on the next foreign sunrise.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Many have to deal with being apart from the ones they love on a daily basis and have created a unique way to keep them close at hand. The world map tattoos allow wearers to precisely show on the map where this person is, and it feels like a relatively shorter distance when compared to where you are today.

The tattoo offers some the ability to feel at one with the other person, being all on the same planet, only separated by a few miles of water. Others choose these tattoo designs as a reminder of home, having moved away from their birthplace for work, school, or to live abroad with their new family.

Never-Ending Quest for Knowledge

Some of us just never can get enough in the way of knowledge. These folks see the world map tattoos as a reminder of all the locations in this world that need to be explored.

When inked with the world map, each time a new language is learned, country is explored, or civilization is studied, the region can be inked in a unique color that is coded to a reference key beneath the map.

Those who live on the high seas utilize maps each day, and the world map tattoos remind them of the journeys of the past and ones that are still on the horizon.

The tattoo design can be split in half so one half appears on one foot, the other half on the other foot, symbolic of walking the earth one step at a time. Some split the tattoo design between two friends, lovers, or partners, a reference to being separated now but some day together in the same location again.

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