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Epic Western Tattoos With Unique Meanings

If you are looking for a body ink design that has certainly gained in popularity over the years, the western tattoos will be a huge source of creative inspiration for you.

Whether you have a fondness for everything related to the Wild West, or you grew up in this lifestyle and want a permanent reminder of your youth, there are plenty of popular design styles to choose from.

The following are just a sample of the huge amount of popular western tattoos for you to choose from.

The staple of the Wild West is the horse, and this magnificent creature can be depicted in various ways in your tattoo. Standing on its hide legs in the wild is an expression of freedom, a wild spirit that simply can not be tamed. The horse and cowboy could be a throwback to a time when as a child this person grew up on the ranch.

The old steam locomotives being held up at gunpoint depict a time when lawlessness was the norm in certain parts of the west.

These are not only some of the most detailed designs to get inked with, they represent someone who doesn’t play by the rules, who marches to the beat of their own drum, someone who makes their own rules as they go.

These trains also connected the far reaches of this country, a shout out to progress and determination of those who labored on the lines.

When it comes to unique symbolism and western tattoos, the variety is limitless. Some of the most common components of this lifestyle are the lasso, guns, spurs, feathers, bullets, skulls, horseshoes, cowboys, Indians, cactus, guitars, and fire.

For those who have moved on to the city life and want a reminder of a time in their life when they enjoyed the outdoors with their families, these symbols can create that instant connection to family, spirit, and pride in their state.

There can not be western tattoos without the dark side, and the Wild West had plenty of that going on. From card games that ended in dead men on the floor, to shootouts in the middle of the street, there is this appeal to the outlaws of the Wild West that attract many.

Those who love the dark side of the Wild West get inked with skulls wearing cowboy hats, the dead mans hand in poker, or stage coaches and trains being robbed by masked gunman.

One other popular alternative for the western tattoos is the portraits of some of the most recognized cowboys of our times. These range from John Wayne or Clint Eastwood, depicted playing roles in the dozens of spaghetti westerns they popularized. Quotes from these popular movies also add a personal touch to the design, and really resonate with the wearer.

So whether you’re memorializing a loved one with a tombstone, cowboy hat, and guns, or you are inked up with that cowboy riding off into the sunset, the appeal really is in the variety of design concepts available to you. Let your wild spirit drive the design and just go with the flow as you choose something you can relate to.

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