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37 Aries Tattoos of Creative Freedom and Meanings

Those born between March 21st and April 19th fall under the Zodiac sign Aries. This is the first sign in the Zodiac wheel and is represented by the ram symbol.

On the surface, those born under this sign are considered to be passionate, ambitious, energetic, and impulsive. It is not uncommon for an Aries to do things on impulse, including getting a tattoo when egged on.

If you are considering Aries tattoos, the following information should help you to align your own personality with the unique symbols that are everything Aries.

The Aries Tattoo Symbol

The majority of Aries tattoos are comprised using the same basic principle in design. At face value, the Aries sign looks like a capital V but has curly ends that are symbolic of the horns of the ram.

Some choose to take the thing to the extreme and make the curved ends more intense, utilizing flames, barbed wire, or other personal effects. While the V is the center of the Aries tattoos, this is where the creativity of the Aries personality takes flight.

Some utilize butterflies or swords as the anchor and an expression of their softer or tougher side. This is one symbol that looks impressive as a full ram on the back or the tiny Aries symbol on your ankle.

Aries Tattoo Meanings

While the ram is usually the focal point of the Aries tattoos, they represent a side of this person that can be as diverse as the types of designs chosen. These tattoos are representative of a person who is independent, spontaneous, uncomplicated, courageous, and outgoing.

Those who portray the ram in a fighting posture symbolize the warrior in the Aries, a person who is intense, resourceful, idealistic, and inspirational.

The Aries are also one who loves attention, so to stand out in a crowd they might go overboard with the tattoo design to be the center of attention at any social gathering.

Creative Freedom in Tattoos

One of the more appealing aspects of the Aries tattoos for those born in this first sign is the freedom to be completely creative with the concept but still hold true to the overall meaning. The ram tattoo can be portrayed a number of ways, calm, fighting, or nonchalant.

When having the head drawn, it is all about the expression that will tell the story of who is getting inked. Red eyes, wicked snarl, and smoke coming from the nostrils are symbolic of the warrior in this Aries.

A more friendly ram is symbolic of that fun-loving and passionate personality, someone who is committed to loving and being loved.

The reason the Aries tattoos are so popular today with both women and men is because these designs are quite neutral on the surface. Incorporating the word Aries or your birth date under the ram symbol only makes the design more personal and symbolizes your pride in your Zodiac sign.

The Aries may be spontaneous, but most times they take great care to come up with a design for their tattoo that speaks to their individuality and their passion for living life on their terms.

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