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The Meaning Of The Ice Cream Tattoo: One Of The Most Popular Candy Designs

Who doesn’t love ice cream? It is one of the most popular frozen desserts that has been part of life since 500 BC when the Persians invented it as a hot summer day treat. There are so many different kinds and types that you can choose from and it can be arranged so good that it stands out as one of the cutest and most colorful desserts in the world. Because of this, the ice cream is a perfect art and one of the favorite tattoos among women.

The Meanings Of The Ice Cream Tattoo

There are some meanings connected to this sweet delight that is interesting to know if you choose to add a tattoo.

Childhood Memories

Most people connect ice cream with childhood. Having ice cream was the most favorite part of the day for most people when they were little. It is a memory that never melts so sometimes people decide to ink one to remind them of that sweet, sweet times.

Summer Memories

Ice cream is the most popular dessert in the summer. From child to adult, everyone wants to refresh with one on hot days. People tattoo ice cream because it reminds them of sun, water, beach. There are beautiful designs of tattoos that capture this meaning.

The Ice Queen

Women add ice cream tattoos to show the world that they are Ice Queens. Cold from the outside but sweet on the inside. This is the most common reason for adding an ice cream tattoo and most of the time it is a cone with a crown which looks stunning.

Many Ice Cream Tattoo Designs

We know many kinds of ice cream arrangements. So, imagine when it comes to designing this delight how much you can be creative. From Sundae to Cookies and Cream Ice Cream and Birthday Cake Ice Cream, there are so many different designs that you can add whatever you want plus on them.

Cone Ice Cream Tattoo

The most popular Ice cream tattoo is the Cone Ice Cream. You can choose a realistic design or a cute cartoony design on which you can add colors that pop on the skin and make your tattoo looks magical. There are thousands of examples of cone Ice cream tattoos that look awesome. Most common is the cute cone ice cream with a little face and the one with a skull on top of the cone.

The skull cone tattoo is more popular among men and most of the time is part of a sleeve or has some geometrical elements around it. You can put literally whatever you want on top of the cone that serves as a handle for a cute animal, the skull that we mentioned, a bucket of flowers, or simply your favorite ice cream flavor decorated with various items around it.

Also, there are cone ice cream tattoos with sayings around them like ‘BE HAPPY!’ or something similar that evokes good feelings.

Ice Cream In A Glass/Cup/Stick

The second most favorite is the ice cream in a glass, ice cream in a cup and the famous ice cream on a stick. People pay attention to the glass of the ice cream and choose designs that are very elegant to make their tattoos look stunning. It is the same with the cup but, the difference here is that artistically, the cup designs are always more cartoony and cute and the glass designs are more realistic or seriously good designs with a lot of details. You can add whatever you like around the ice cream in the glass or cup, like cookies and everything that we can see in these ice cream decorations.

The Ice cream on a stick is a common tattoo and it is inked by women and men. The shape of the ice cream here gives a lot of space to design whatever you like in the insides. It can be an ellipse or a rectangle shape with a bite or not, but there is always space in the middle to add a picture. These are the most interesting ice cream designs because people add whole scenes like a moon with stars or a sea with sun and many more designs.

The Best Body Placements For Ice Cream Tattoo

We mentioned the sleeve, this is very interesting and people add whole sleeves with candy and most of the time a cone Ice cream is a king on this magnificent designs.

The cute little ice cream tattoo is always popular so we can see little ice creams tattooed on a finger or behind the ear or at the back of the neck. The double ice cream tattoo is also fun and mostly it is inked by two friends on the back of their hands with some cute sayings that connect them.

Some people add ice cream tattoos in the middle of their chests which are part of a bigger design mostly filled with other types of candy. Where you gonna ink an ice cream tattoo it’s up to you but remember that this tattoo requires visibility, it is a design that likes to be seen. With all those bright colors and cute looks or amazing realistic looks, it is a perfect choice if you are an ice cream lover.

Let’s see some of the most awesome tattoo designs:

Ice Cream Cone with a boy and a girl tattoo on hand
Ice Cream tattoo on neck of a woman
Ice Cream tattoo friends
Ice Cream stick tattoo on bicep man
Ice Cream cone tattoo on both hands
Ice Cream cone tattoo on hand
Ice Cream tattoo on side of a girl
Ice Cream with flower and apple tattoo on hand
Ice Cream cone with cat tattoo on hand
Ice Cream cone tattoo green
Ice Cream cone with crown tattoo
Ice Cream cups tattoo on leg
Ice Cream cup tattoo
Ice Cream character tattoos on hand
Ice Cream cup tattoo with Sweetie Darling written on bottom
Ice Cream and Candy tattoo on hand
Ice Cream with cat and balloon tattoo
Ice Cream cup with cherry tattoo with Life is Sweet written on it.
Ice Cream cone with ribbon tattoo with Life is Sweet written on it.
Ice Cream cone monster tattoo.
Ice Cream with candy tattoo in side on a woman.
Ice Cream cone tattoo on hand.
Ice Cream cup with cherry and ribbon tattoo.
Ice Cream cone with three scoop tattoo.
Ice Cream cup tattoo.

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