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The Book Tattoo: One Of The Most Creative Tattoo Designs Of Them All

One of the most mysterious and magical tattoos that are both interesting and serious is the book. There are thousands of stunning book tattoo designs that we can see inked on many book lovers around the world. Literature is one of the main inspirations for art because there are so many magical worlds, favorite characters, meaningful props. Imagine what kind of art you can see when it comes to tattoos. These designs are sometimes simple but most of the times there are the most beautiful pieces of art with a deep personal connection. The book has a lot of meanings connected to it so let’s explore the most interesting of them:

The Meanings Of The Book Tattoo

The King Of Knowledge

The first and most important meaning is knowledge. There are many book lovers but there are also those who have read only one book and have been connected to it for a lifetime. That alone tells us that books are knowledge and often people find themselves in the stories they read. Many of these people connect to the extent that they tattoo their favorite books or characters by choosing or designing the most beautiful tattoos.

Awakening The Inner Child

When it comes to the inner child, the book is one of the most cherished memories that makes us a little nostalgic. We remember the stories that our parents and grandparents read before bedtime, and those stories remained forever in our memory as a major part of our psychological development. So people sometimes ink tattoos inspired by those children’s books as a reminder of those good times.

 A Perfect Getaway

In this crowded world with so many things going on the book is the perfect getaway. People dive into the magical worlds and forget about their constant responsibilities for a moment. It is the perfect relaxation for anyone and the same thing can be connected with your book inspired tattoo. Whenever you look at it the world goes silent for a second.

There are thousands of designs for a book tattoo so let’s review some of the most common concepts:

Book Tattoo Designs

Before entering into the world inside of the book, let’s explain the book as a tattoo. Over the centuries the book has taken many forms. From clay and wax tablets to scrolls, from codex to the book we know today. If you are considering to tattoo a book, there are plenty of designs to research to inspire you to choose the right one for you.

The Wooden Cover Medieval Book Design

The most popular is the wooden cover medieval book design and is the most tattooed. IT just looks gorgeous and it can’t be ignored when you go over the tattoo catalog in a tattoo studio. It gives a mystical feeling like something sacred is written inside and it’s a part of the wearer’s life. Sometimes, this tattoo is designed with a lock in the middle and the key is added on some other body part or there is no key at all which means “this book is closed”.

The medieval book cover is part of the vintage style tattoos and it can be designed in combination with other elements to make it more interesting. One of the most popular is the old medieval book with an owl, crescent moon and stars which is quite mysterious.

 The owl is a symbol for wisdom and in combination with the book, moon and stars it can mean that the person who is wearing this tattoo loves the truth. The owl is also connected with death that is why most of the time it is represented with a moon and stars to symbolize the darkness. But, this is not a negative representation because it means that from the truth ( or suffering) comes enlightenment.

Speaking of vintage style, the other more popular book tattoos are the ones designed with flowers and leaves. There are so many combination of this design to make your tattoo look amazing. You can make your tattoo perfect by adding your favorite flowers around it.

This tattoo is mostly popular among women and there are some seriously good designs from which you can choose your favorite. The meaning behind this tattoo is connected with the feminine side.  One of the most common of this is the book with roses. The roses are a symbol for defence because of their thorns and the most common meaning is that the roses are guarding the book which can be understood as the character of the female that wears it.

A Pile Of Books

Another common tattoo is a pile of books. Most of the time it is inked on the upper part of the arm and there are very cute designs with amazing colors. This tattoo is often associated with book lovers and expresses their eternal loyalty to books.

The Open Book

Mostly tattooed on the back, the open book is a symbol of wisdom. It can be a great choice for people who are open to help others, talk to them to get them through storms in life. Another interesting tattoo of this kind is the flying book. It is an open book that symbolizes a bird. It is a common choice for women who add other details to make their flying book tattoo amazing. Sometimes the book is tattooed lying on the ground and the pages fly away like birds.

Some people think that they have personality like open book. Nothing hidden or nothing inside. Every thing visible. These people also choose open book as a tattoo or as a part of their bigger tattoo.

A Favorite Quote

Inking your favorite quote from a book has become a fashion today. There is a lot to add around it to define your quote better. These are the most interesting tattoo designs because they are meaningful and are decorated with some of the best art details.

The Favorite Character Or Scene

It is time to open the books now and peek inside to find out what are the most amazing character inspired tattoos. There are very popular book characters that are becoming symbols of generations. One of the most tattooed is the Little Prince. This tattoo is always connected with the inner child so men and women ink Saint-Exupéry’s prince from the original cover and if anyone wants to understand what is behind them has to read the book. This goes for all book character inspired tattoos.

Other popular, characters and props that we can see among these stunning tattoos are Edgar Allan Poe’s raven, Tolkien’s Ring of Power, the rabbit or cat from Alice in Wonderland, Lovecraft’s Chatulu and many more.

Also, people ink whole scenes on their bodies which are very recognizable at first looks like The Shire, the secret closet door to Narnia, The Hogwarts school from Harry Potter and more. There also sleeves that tell the whole story, you can get lost in those stunning designs. Some tell the story of a Stephen King’s book or a favorite realistic novel, some are inspired by children’s book but overall it is a quality piece of art and it takes a lot of talent to create such awesomeness.

It is, of course, your choice where you gonna add your book tattoo. It can be small or big depending on your personal connection with it. The book will always have a special place among tattoos because it is the most meaningful tattoo of them all.

Here are some beautiful book tattoo designs:

Stack Of Books Tattoo
Stack Of Books Tattoo
Book Tattoo on Forearm Woman
Book With Crescent Moon, Flowers and Leaves Tattoo On Forearm Or A Woman
Book Tattoo On Back Of Woman
Open Book with Flowers Coming Out Of It Tattoo
Book With Rose Tattoo
Open Book With Pages Tattoo
Book Pages and Birds Tattoo
Stack Of Books Tattoo
Open Book With Peacock Feather And Leaves Tattoo On Back Of A Woman
Stack Of Books Tattoo
Book Quote Tattoo
Open Book With Keyhole Tattoo On Side of A Woman
Open Book With Crescent Moon, Stars, Trees and Mountains Tattoo.
Stack Of Book With Flowers, Leaves and A Girl Sitting On It Tattoo On Thigh.
Stack Of Books having A Cup On It and Micky Mouse Smoke Tattoo.
Stack Of Books With 'I have lived a thousand lives' Quote Tattoo.
Stack Of Books WIth Pages Folded In Heart Shape Tattoo.
Stack Of Books Tattoo.
Open Book With Stars, Planet and Cyclone Tattoo.
Stack Of Books With Flower and Leaves Tattoo.
Stack Of Book and A Cup On Top Of It Tattoo.
Book Flying As A Kite and 'Its Not The Destination Its The Journey' Quote Tattoo.
Open Book With Crescent Moon, Stars, Flowers and Leaves Tattoo.
Books With Crescent Moon, Stars, Leaves and Flower Tattoo.
Books Tattoo.
A Girl Reading Book Having Stack Of Books On Her Head and An Apple On Top Of The Stack Tattoo.
Open Book With Crescent Moon, Stars, Flowers and Leaves Tattoo.
'Of Course Its Happening Inside Your Head But Why On Earth Should That Mean That It Is Real' Quote With Three Open Books Tattoo.
Stack Of Books With Birds Tattoo.

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