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39 Taurus Tattoos With Powerful Meanings

The Zodiac sign of the Taurus is for those who were born April 21 thru May 21. These folks affectionately are known as the bull, and this sun sign is ruled by the planet Venus.

Those who prefer to get inked up with the sign of the Taurus do so because it tends to be just like them, strong, determined, and persistent. Although the traditional color for the Taurus is pink, do not let that softer side fool you!

Here are some of the unique Taurus designs and the meanings behind the drawings:

The Taurus Through History

Through the years, those under the sign of Taurus have been associated with one very dominant attribute. These folks are considered to be some of the most stubborn on the planet, hence the phrase “Stubborn as a Bull” has been handed down through the generations.

While this ability to want their own way may be considered a weakness to some, the Taurus understands their most dominant traits are the fact they are reliable, patient, and have warm hearts.

Their association with being stubborn actually serves them well, because these are some of the most hard-working, loyal, and determined people that you will ever meet.

The Powerful Bull

One of the reasons many people love to get inked with the Taurus tattoos is because they can really be quite loud and in your face. Getting a realistic looking bull, usually taking up the entire chest or back, is really something to behold.

Depending on the artist, they can utilize the muscles on the body to help make the bull look even more domineering. In some cases, it looks as if a photograph was slapped right on the chest, and this suits the Taurus just fine.

They appreciate the fact these Taurus tattoos represent dominance, power, strength, persistence, faith, security, and an unwillingness to give up.

The Sign of the Taurus

On the surface, the Zodiac sign of the Taurus is easy to recognize because it looks like the head of a bull with large horns. The reason many ink lovers get the basic Taurus tattoos is because with this case, less can be definitely more.

These tattoos may look simplistic on the surface, but they represent an illusion, someone who is much stronger inside than they appear outside, a person who is not into bragging about their strengths, and someone who is going to get the job done at all costs.

Whether this means protecting her family or reminding himself he has what it takes. Just because they resemble a simple like or a cartoon-like figure, they represent someone who is not going to be distracted by outside forces when they are ready to move in a certain direction.

The Taurus tattoos are unique because they could be drawn as simple cartoons or raging animals bursting out of the chest. These larger than life images can be complete with steam coming out the nose, legs kicking up dirt, and red eyes staring down their opponents. This symbol is all about aggression and passion, a powerful one-two punch that has an appeal all of its own.

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